220 GroupCore Values

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220 Group LLC Core Values

  • Offering Innovative Products and Services that are 2nd to None
  • Providing Maximum Value for Our Clients
  • Commitment to Achieving 220 Company Goals
  • Dedication to Each Other’s Success
  • Creating New Opportunities
  • Making a Positive Impact on Our Community
  • Having Fun
  1. Offering Innovative Products and Services that are 2nd to None
    What this means:
    • Producing Creative and eye catching designs
    • A marketing focus underlying everything that we do
    • Offering outside of the box ideas, solutions, and strategies to our clients
    • Use of the latest and most efficient technologies
    • Creating lasting partnerships with our clients beyond the point of sale
    • Competing on quality of products and services; not on being the cheapest
  2. Providing Maximum Value for Our Clients
    What this means:
    • Continuous industry research and analysis
    • Refusal to push our clients into unnecessary upsells
    • Consulting our clients on both their online and offline marketing efforts
    • Creating self-sufficient clients through proper education and motivation
    • Establishing relationships with trusted vendors to provide more value added service
  3. Commitment to Achieving 220 Company Goals
    What this means:
    • Establishing 220 as the premier service provider in each of our chosen industries
    • Having a “whatever it takes” attitude at all times
    • Working towards continuous personal and professional improvement
    • A company-wide dedication to client retention and acquisition
    • Incorporating 220’s company goals into your personal goals
  4. Dedication to Each Other’s Success
    What this means:
    • Commitment to excellence in all that we do
    • Accountability for individual and team responsibilities
    • Open cross-functional team communication
    • A firm belief in “The Golden Rule”
    • Offering Positive feedback and support to coworkers
    • Willingness to go the extra mile for one another
  5. Creating New Opportunities
    What this means:
    • Working towards opening new verticals for 220
    • Belief in promotion from within whenever possible
    • Establishing a creative environment that encourages idea generation at all levels
    • Identifying new opportunities through client feedback and market research
    • Never losing focus on our sustainable growth rate
    • Hiring new employees that share our passion for the company’s vision
    • Willingness to take calculated risks in order to stay ahead of competition
  6. Making a Positive Impact on Our Community
    What this means:
    • Making environmentally responsible decisions
    • Committing our time to helping others
    • Dedicating financial resources to worthwhile causes
    • Promoting community involvement and leadership
    • Striving to create positive changes throughout the world
  7. Having Fun
    What this means:
    • We don’t take ourselves too seriously
    • Providing rewards and incentives for outstanding work ethic and team contributions
    • Establishing a professional yet laid back working environment
    • Planning team functions and outings that coincide with achieving 220’s goals
    • A strong belief in having a balance between work and leisure time
    • Not being afraid to laugh in the face of adversity