220 Email Marketing Solutions

Are you tired of getting a less than expected return on your direct mail campaign? Significantly boost your profit margins through effective use of the internet. Customized Email Marketing Solutions provided by 220 give your business a cost effective way to stay in front of your target market and generate new business.

220’s Customizable E-Newsletter

The 220 E-newsletter System is a monthly customizable email newsletter that can go out to everyone in your email database. The format is designed to drive traffic back to your website as well as offer support for your referral marketing efforts. The content that we provide is much more than just standard mortgage and real estate news. We offer content such as funny videos, human interest stories, jokes, dumb criminal stories, and seasonal recipes along with current mortgage and real estate news. By providing a wide range of content we are giving people more reasons to forward the newsletter to friends and family. After the point of sale, 220’s experienced marketing representatives teach our clients how to use the system to generate even more referrals by getting your referral partners involved through the use of co-branding tools and strategies. The best part is that the newsletter links directly to your website helping to increase your traffic and generate more leads.

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The 220 Marketing E-Newsletter System Includes:

  • Opt-in and Opt-out compliant
  • Self-scrubbing database management
  • Easy Customizable Format
  • Drives traffic back to your website
  • Includes support for your referral marketing
  • Can grow as your business grows

Email Blasting Solutions

22O Marketing offers email marketing systems that enable you to keep your company in front of your client base and referral partners. Gone are the days of outdated and costly direct mail campaigns. Quickly send targeted email blasts to your entire database or to select customizable groups within your database with the push of a button. Imagine being able to send out “Just Listed” or “Multi-Policy Discount” email blasts to a group of past clients quickly and easily. 220’s Technology Department works tirelessly to ensure maximum delivery for our clients. 220 Marketing Consultants also take the time after the point of sale to show every 220 client how to get the highest return on their email blasting capabilities. Proper utilization of the 220 Email Marketing System will increase the number of referrals in the front door and the number of leads through your website. Getting started is easy. Give us a call – (619) 758-9696.

The 220 Email Blasting System Includes:

  • Easy to Use Format
  • Create customizable categories to organize your contacts
  • Proper opt-in and opt-out procedures
  • Maximum deliverability… no more blacklists
  • Links directly back to your website and lead capture pages

220 provides E-Newsletter and Email Blasting Services for the Following Industries:

The 220 System is very flexible. We can also customize solutions to meet your specific requirements. Give us a call – (619) 758-9696.

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