220 Marketing - Second to None
More than Just a Number for Over 17 years

220 Marketing, the flagship of 220 Group LLC, was founded in January of 2006. 220’s mission is to provide marketing products and consulting services for specific industries that position 220 clients to be Second to None within their areas of operation. Our goal is to provide our clients with an all-inclusive, internet-based marketing system that supports all aspects of a successful service-based business, and then back it up with unbeatable service and consulting after the point of sale. It is this partnership approach that quickly established 220 Marketing as an emerging industry leader online and beyond. The founders understood that it was not just enough to have a well built website if you still did not understand how to use it. The real job of 220 Marketing starts once your new system goes live. It’s the unlimited marketing coaching on how to drive and convert traffic along with strategies on how to generate more repeat and referral business that really creates successful clients. The name of the game for 220 is retention. 220 Marketing is proud to have one of the highest retention rates in the country and certainly the highest within our industries of operation. The formula is simple - help a client to be successful and you are creating clients for life.

Team 220 Marketing

The greatest asset that 220 Marketing has are its employees. Other companies may be satisfied with staffing their company with B and C employees since all they are focused on is the bottom line. 220 has taken a different approach. 220 Marketing seeks out the best of the best for every position. Each employee at 220 is brought on board knowing that 110% effort is the minimum expectation. The skill sets and the work ethic of the 220 Team Members are the sole reasons why 220 Products and Services are the best within our industries. From the entry level customer service rep to the highest level programmer, all of 220's employees share a common purpose - to create as many Success Stories as we can. That is the foundation for 220 Marketing. Our "whatever it takes" attitude shines through in all that we do. Team 220 is willing, ready, and able to go to work for you.

220 Marketing Areas of Operation

In 2016, 220 Marketing has surpassed 2,200 clients nationwide. 220 is also rapidly expanding its operations into other verticals and other countries. One of the defining characteristics of 220 Marketing is our ability to adapt to change. Being flexible and light on our toes has paid huge dividends for 220’s development over the first 5 years. 220 will continue to be in a position to be able to adapt and quickly accommodate changing market conditions and emerging industries. 220’s ability to embrace change will continue to define who we are while creating unlimited new opportunities for the company.

220 Marketing is currently proud to offer our products and services
to the following industries within the United States:

Trevor Niarchos - President & Founder