“Amazing Company and Experience (Marketing Consultant)”

I was initially hired into Customer Service with 220 Group, have since been promoted a few times, and am now one of the company’s Advanced Marketing Consultants. I was told in the beginning that there would be opportunity for advancement and 220 couldn’t be truer to their word. As long as you put in the work you will succeed here.

The product is amazing and the best in the mortgage, insurance, and real estate industries.

The management team is easy to talk to and work with and if you have a suggestion, they will hear you out. One of the best things about my job is the freedom I am allowed, I get to innovate new marketing strategies and control my own daily calendar. If I need to spend more time off the phone doing work for clients, I am able to arrange that at my discretion and management is completely supportive as long as I hit my numbers. All of the metrics we have can be hit every month with consistency and they set you up for success.

220 likes to work hard and play hard. We go out to Padres games, Del Mar races, and do other team building events. They will offer small spiffs to help keep you motivated and build competition between co-workers such as gift cards, time off, or tickets to games. I like these spiffs since it gives me something extra to work for and is fun, in addition to base pay, commission and bonuses.

Thank you Korrie and Trevor for the opportunity and the growth I have already achieved.

“If you want to get into sales, this is a good place to start.”

Really fun work environment with music playing on the sales floor, daily/weekly contests, and the occasional breakfast and mimosas – or pizza and beers – for meeting team goals. They focus on value-based selling (which is an invaluable skill to have in today’s sales environment), with a good product that essentially sells itself once you’re able to convince someone to sit through a presentation. Great hands-on sales training and they give you the confidence to be a closer. If you have the talent, drive and potential, they’ll work with you to develop and hone your technique because they want you to be successful – your success equals their success.

The potential to make pretty decent money is there if you work hard. THIS IS NOT A JOB FOR SLACKERS. When I started here I didn’t have a car, but after the CEO/owner had the “Core Values” talk with my training class I immediately set that as my goal, and I would put it up on the sales board every month (upper management is very big on setting personal goals and having visual motivators in your work space). Getting that sense of freedom and independence back was really important to me, and I did everything I could from prospecting at home, regularly studying my training info, and even staying late at work to set that last appointment or close that last deal, but in the end it paid off. After working at 220 for a little more than 6 months, I was able to take care of some financial issues and buy a pretty nice car. And the great thing was that I had the support of management the entire time, keeping me focused every day on reaching my goals.

There’s a real sense of family at this company, and everyone seems to really support everyone else’s successes. It’s not an easy job, but if you stick it out for a while the skills you’ll get from working at 220 will make you a better sales person in any future job/career.

“We work hard but also play hard!”

I’ve had the opportunity to work my way up and have learned so many things I never thought I would ever need to learn. The company encourages growth and provides access to tools to help. There is a lot of coaching and support involved, and a lot of incentives to encourage everyone to go beyond the bare minimum. We work as a team, and the friendliness and togetherness at the company makes for a great environment to work in.

“Great time working here. Always had a good atmosphere in the office and lead by a great president and sales manager.”

The management was always doing things to motivate us (contests, bonuses, prizes and team get togethers). Working here had more of a family atmosphere because we all looked out for each other. The president was very passionate and although may have come on strong at times we all knew he meant nothing but the best. I felt like I can talk to him more about work and he helped me get some personal issues at the time as well.

“Great company, excellent product, really fun place to work”

  • Customers love the product, check out the testimonials page on the 220 website
  • Company has been around for almost 10 years and has a solid reputation in the mortgage, insurance and real estate industries. This leads to a good amount of inbound leads and customer referrals (easy deals)
  • Excellent sales training. The CEO was a top notch salesperson in the industry before he started 220 and gives phenomenal training to his employees
  • Very good pay if you put in the effort and follow the training
  • Attainable Quota. I was a very junior salesperson before starting there it took me a couple months to hit my bonus, but once I did, I never missed my bonus. I saw others hit their bonus sooner in their tenure.
  • Work hard, play hard atmosphere. I made some great friends and went to some great company parties. If you get the job, don’t miss the Christmas party.
  • Very good place to work and a very good resume builder if you put in the time and effort and take your job somewhat seriously.

“Amazing Growing Experience”

Working with 220 has given me some of the best professional experience I’ve had so far. They take time to develop their sales team and each manager has a different style- meaning they can filter the message to you the way you need to hear it. I learned better multitasking and organizational skills than I did all throughout college. The 220 sales process does not re-invent the wheel and they give you the tools to succeed. The compensation structure is very fair and rewards top performers. Management places a huge emphasis on having fun and keeping everyone laughing throughout the day. They also had fun contests and prizes throughout the day. That is something you cannot find anywhere else. Most of all, their marketing system is a great product that produces results. I felt good offering what I knew to be the best system available on the internet. I truly enjoyed my time at 220. The CEO has a clear vision for the company’s growth and I would expect the company to continue to expand exponentially.

“Great Place to Work”

220 marketing was a phenomenal place to work. I’m certain I learned more about selling at 220 than I could have almost anywhere else. Also, the people I worked with were awesome including the CEO, managers, and everyone else in different departments. I’ve made some great friends and connections by working there. Lastly, the product/service offering is one that you can feel really good about selling. Customers of 220 are equipped with great tools and marketing support and a lot of the customers I signed on as clients gave me great feedback about the success they saw after joining 220.

“Great place to work, lots to learn and it ain’t no walk in the park”

  • The company culture is great. Everyone is super nice.
  • Great work schedule.
  • Awesome leadership. I loved working and learning from my managers.
  • Great product. Easy to sell because it makes sense and it does what we told customers it was supposed to.
  • Learned a lot. A lot of the things I learned at 220 Group as far as selling and how to talk to customers and build relationships, I use at my job today.
  • It took people in my class a while to learn the product. There’s definitely a learning curve that goes with working here. Even if you have sales experience, don’t expect to pick up on everything right away. The managers really focus on value based selling and that means you have to put time into learning everything. Sometimes that means some extra reading after work.

“If you want to Learn Consultative Selling, Work at the 220 Marketing Group”

I’ve worked in a lot of different sales jobs with companies in the past and 220 has definitely been very different so far. The managers all believe in consultative selling. We are encouraged to have discussions with our customers rather than reading off a script. This keeps the conversations genuine, and less boring. This was new to me and the downside of it was that you needed to learn the product far quicker than usual so you’re prepared with answers.

The product really does sell itself as long as you can get your foot in the door as a sales rep. The hardest part is trying to get your potential customers to realize that and to outwit gatekeepers. Most of our prospects get all kinds of solicitation phone calls all day so that initial conversation is the most challenging.

The workplace atmosphere is really great. Everyone is upbeat and genuinely interested in helping each other out. When you step out and your phone rings, anyone around it will be happy to hop on and take a message. It’s the little things sometimes… :)