220 Social

Effectively marketing your business online means taking full advantage of all the benefits effective use of Social Media can provide. Social media outlets such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter can be a tremendous source of new business. These sites can also be used to significantly increase your client retention and referrals.  220 Social is a customizable service designed to take on 90% of the burden of posting on Social Media. This saves any business Time and Money.  We post daily on behalf of our customers with relevant content designed to generate new business and improve retention. The biggest difference between 220 Social and other similar services is that we are able to show our customers tangible results.

220 Social Benefits

  • Daily posting to your business’s social media pages 7 days per week
  • Customized content designed to enhance your audience and engagement
  • Drive traffic and convert leads from your Social Media audience
  • Keep current customers engaged to boost retention efforts
  • Improve your Online presence by encouraging positive reviews
  • Ongoing coaching to maximize your Social Media ROI

*We can work with any business regardless of industry type*

220 is helping customers use Social Media to create success stories every day. We have plans for just about any sized budget.  Give us a call today to get started – (619) 758-9696.