Driving Interest in the Digital Age: Blogging for Your Business

By Kyle O.


Whether you’re an online marketing pro or have just begun to learn about the many ways an internet presence can help grow your business, blogging is a proven tactic to consider. Blogs are pieces of original content written by experts in a given field about a certain topic and published online for public consumption. Blogging for your business is a way to establish yourself as a thought leader in your trade to local clients and interested people across the world. Great blog content with search-engine optimization (SEO) also improves the way Google and other search engines view your site, which in turn boosts your visibility to potential customers. Developing a blogging strategy, adhering to a schedule, and delivering customized, SEO-rich content can create excitement and growth for your company.

What Are the Key Elements of a Strong Blog?

There are a several characteristics that make a blog stand out among the endless content on the internet and, most importantly, translate that interest into real returns for your business.

Content is King

First, a great blog will have custom-written content. Google and other search engines give negative marks to websites with duplicate or “canned” blog content. Whether you write your blogs yourself or hire a company to write them for you, it’s important that they write about fresh, interesting ideas or write about common themes in your world of business in a fresh, new way.

blogpiImprove Your Standing with Search Engines

Search engines are an increasingly popular way for clients of all ages to find products and services in their local area. Online searchers rarely look past the first one or two pages of a search engine results page (SERP). Quality blogs written using SEO best practices will incorporate key words, elements and locations that help search engines recognize your content as valuable and improve its ranking on SERPs. The more valuable pages of content on your site – including blogs – the more influence it has and the higher your site will rank in general.

Answer Your Clients’ Questions

seosAs a leader in your respective market, you want to be a resource and thought leader among would-be clients. Your blog posts can not only improve your visibility for clients looking for products and services; they can give them answers and improve your value in their eyes. Your blogs should feature concise, easily digestible content that helps clients see you as an expert and friend in an area where they have little experience. When clients read content that they can understand and relate to, they’re more likely to trust your expertise when it comes time to use your service or product.

A Digital Presence to Create Real Returns

A forward-thinking digital marketing strategy that incorporates SEO-optimized blog posts, rich with expert insight for your clients, can boost your online presence and translate to tangible ROI. A strong digital presence provides a gateway for new clients, a pathway that can be easily tracked using analytics tools available online. Blogging is a valuable opportunity to generate quality site traffic that no business should pass up.