Best Practices for Incentivizing Referrals in the Mortgage and Insurance Industries


Table of contents Types of Referral Incentives Factors to Consider When Choosing Incentives Timing and Delivery of Incentives Best Practices for Promoting Referral Programs Referrals are crucial for mortgage and insurance professionals. A satisfied customer can be a powerful advocate for your business, and personal recommendations from clients can generate new leads, help close more… [Read More]

Is Your Site Ready for Google’s Helpful Content Update?

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The goal of search engines has always been to provide people with helpful information. With this goal in mind, at the end of 2022, Google has released their helpful content update. As you can probably guess from the title of the update, Google has improved their search algorithm to provide users with more original, helpful… [Read More]

Is Blogging Still Important in 2022?


Online marketing is constantly shifting and evolving. We often reach a point where we start to wonder which strategies are still relevant, and which should be discontinued. There is no doubt that social media continues to be essential in the online marketing world, but what about more traditional content such as blogging? This week we will… [Read More]

The Importance of Understanding and Increasing Customer Touchpoints


Reaching new clients and maintaining relationships with past clients is heavily dependent on maximizing customer touchpoints. What exactly is a customer touchpoint though? In this article we will break down what customer touchpoints are and why it is important to understand and evaluate each of the touchpoints you have with your clients.  A customer touchpoint… [Read More]

The Importance of Aligning Offline and Online Marketing Efforts


These days, when we think about making a purchase, the first thing we often do is simply go online and start researching that product or service. In many instances, we can evaluate a product, and make a purchase right then and there. Other times we are often more interested in evaluating both a product and… [Read More]

Why You Need to Meet With Your Marketing Team at Least Once per Quarter


Many of us take our vehicles in for regularly scheduled maintenance such as oil and filter changes, or tire rotations. Why do we make these appointments? The goal is to keep everything running smoothly, identify possible problems, and plan for future maintenance. If you ignore regular maintenance, big issues start to arise that could have… [Read More]

Best Practices for Following up With Your Online Leads


Your website is a powerful tool for generating online leads. Your ability to effectively follow-up with each lead is what determines if a lead falls through the cracks or you are able to convert those leads into sales. Too much contact can push a potential client away, while not enough contact will cause them to… [Read More]

Why Regular Content Updates Are So Important for Your Website

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If you have spent any time researching search engine optimization, you have likely heard the phrase, “content is king.” While search engines are always evolving and improving, your website content will always be one of the most important factors for search engine ranking. Quality content is not only about search engine ranking though. A sound… [Read More]

Understanding the Most Common Google Analytics Terms


Google analytics is a free tool available to anyone and can offer great insight into the behavior of website visitors. A good understanding of this information allows you to make changes to your site, ad campaigns, and landing pages to improve traffic and make more conversions. Unfortunately, Google analytics often intimidates many users, so it goes unused. Don’t worry, we’re here… [Read More]

A Look at the Importance of Quality Lead Capture Forms


As a business, you have probably spent a lot of time having a website designed and created to market your product and services. You might direct people back to that website through paid advertisements or through posts made on your numerous social media accounts. Perhaps to a beautiful landing page with the perfect call-to-action.   You feel you have done everything right, but you noticed that you don’t seem to be… [Read More]