The Importance of Local SEO

(Whispers) “If you build your local SEO, they will come.”

All business owners understand the importance of SEO. However, it’s local SEO that is becoming more of the craze these days. The process of optimizing your website and directory listings to appear higher in local search rankings, local SEO has become downright crucial for business owners. The phone book is pretty much out of style in today’s Internet-based, digital-buying world, as consumers are searching for local businesses via search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

The days of passing out flyers for your business and relying on word of mouth are over. Your business needs an online presence so customers searching for the goods or services you offer can see your business in the exact moment they’re searching for it. As a small business, you’re competing for positions on search engines with other businesses, which only makes having a strong local SEO presence even more imperative to increase your visibility to customers.

Furthermore, your business and its ads will be seen by those who are searching for exactly what your business offers, so you do not have to waste money on advertising and marketing to people who have no need for your business. Local SEO helps you appeal to customers who are the most likely to purchase your available goods or services through highly targeted searches. google-images-454541_1280

By its targeted searches and ability to appeal to those looking for a business such as yours, local SEO leads to a high conversion rate. Plus, mobile searches are only becoming more popular among consumers looking for a business, to which local SEO also provides a big help with.

Setting up your local SEO and directory listings can take time away from, you know, running your business. Plus, let’s not even get started on what it takes to manage them on a consistent basis.

The solution is simple: 220 Local.

220 Marketing has introduced a new product offering three different local SEO packages. Your business listings can be set up on Yelp, Google Local, Bing Places and Yahoo Local, plus a keyword-rich mission statement or company bio will be written for you to highlight all the great things your business can do for a customer.

A customized and branded banner will be placed on your Google Local page, and you’ll receive an email template to be used for the encouragement of your past customers to write reviews. Oh, your business will also get neat badges placed on Yelp and Local places to help gain more site visitors and to be used in email signatures, newsletters and email blasts.

That’s just the first package. You can also chose to have your listings managed by 220 Marketing, along with a custom landing page and an SEO optimized homepage. The elimination of duplicate listings can also be done for up to one year.

Get your local SEO taken care of. You now know how important it is, plus 220 Marketing is even willing to do it all for you.

(Whispers again) “If you build your local SEO, they will come.”


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