Top 4 Reasons to Move Up your search rank by Doubling Down on Local SEO

by Shane L.

One of the most significant questions I get asked as a marketing consultant is if Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is worth investing in. Like all investments, it will come down to time or money, and in most cases, both. My answer is a resounding Yes!

Unlike Search Engine Marketing (SEM) such as Google AdWords or Bing Ads, SEO takes time regardless of a monetary investment. While a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign is an excellent choice for a business with a sufficient budget, it is a short-term solution. Local SEO is a long-term solution that can provide that desired return on investment (ROI) we all seek.

Although many companies advertise guaranteed page one placement on Google, this is something that cannot be done just by simply paying a fee. Several things must be done to help improve SEO and build page one placement.

Without further ado, here are 220 Marketing’s Top 4 Reasons to Move Up your search rank by Doubling Down on Local SEO:

1) Front & Center: A successful Local SEO presence puts you on the Google map when consumers conduct a search query on their desktop or mobile device. Unlike information seekers looking for answers to their questions, those who utilize Local SEO are more likely to complete the desired action, like filling out that Auto Quote form or applying for a VA Mortgage Loan. Local SEO helps you get quality leads and places you front & center of customers that are ready to buy.


2) Builds Trust: Have you ever looked for a new insurance company to compare rates and noticed that there is not much about them on the internet besides a website? What about those customer reviews we actively seek out to determine whom to do business with? The bottom line is having a strong Local SEO presence builds trust by showing your company on numerous reputable directory platforms like Yelp, Google, Yahoo, & Bing.

3) Reviews, Reviews, Reviews: So you have a Facebook & Yelp account along with several 5-star reviews talking about how excellent your business is, you’re optimizing your Local SEO presence, right? Although that is a great start, there are hundreds of review platforms on the web. Google recently announced reviews are going to have a higher pull on ranking, that includes first party reviews, which are reviews located on your site in Google’s preferred format. 220 Marketing has recently launched a Review Module that allows our clients to add a testimonial engine to their website making it easy for clients to share their feedback. Remember the three R’s to help maximize Local SEO: Reviews, Reviews, Reviews! Stay tuned for our next blog on our new review module!


4) Protect Your Brand: Imagine a competitor gained access to your Google business page and redirected the domain to their website. This will likely lower your website traffic and hurt your online reputation, among other things. Also, several clients have duplicate business listings that can be confusing for prospective clients and even for search engines that rank them. 220 Local corrects listing discrepancies and protects your brand from competitors.

You are the leading provider of what you do, so shouldn’t it be easy for people to find you? The answer is YES! Now that you have learned some of the many benefits of 220 Local, you are ready to begin.

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