Why Having a Replica Site is Bad For Your SEO

When the internet first started booming, getting high search engine placement was simple. Slap up a website, add a bunch of keywords and zip codes, and finish with some content you copied from another site and you’re ready to go! With so many websites out there these days, getting decent placement is harder now than in the past. Why then, would you want to make it even harder for yourself by having a replica website?

What’s a Replica Website and how it Will it Hurt my SEO?

Some web designers out there want to turn out quantity over quality, so they sell replica sites. A replica website is a direct copy of other sites they have created. They plug in your logo, change your phone number, but all of the other content is the same as every other agent who buys a site from them. There is no discussion on whether or not you offer all types of insurance listed on the site, and you have the same design and content as the commercial lines guy down the road. You get what you pay for when you only paid $100 to set everything up.


The key component to even having a chance at first-page placement on Google requires relevant, unique content. You won’t get that with a replica site! These companies just plug in a logo and phone number and give everyone the same content with a different service area mentioned. The search engines will be able to tell there is duplicate content, and will penalize your site accordingly. Many of these companies also repeat the same keyword over and over on the page, which is an outdated practice that is frowned upon by Google.

It’s unlikely you will ever get good placement, and you won’t have a unique touch that represents your agency. There’s also a good chance these companies don’t have any marketing support, so you will have to figure everything out on your own.

What’s the difference between a template website and a replica website?

Template websites, like 220 Marketing provides, are very different than replica sites. A templated site provides a cost effective solution with the ability to make it your own. While you may pay thousands of dollars for custom websites, a template website provides the framework that you can make your own. Real marketing companies will encourage and help you to modify the content on your website to make it more unique and SEO friendly. Updating your content is important because it helps you get noticed by search engines, and we will coach you on several different marketing avenues that are at your disposal. A templated website will allow you to focus on the specialized insurance products you provide rather than list pages of every insurance under the sun whether you offer it or not.

A replica website, on the other hand, is a website created with all of the same content for all. Most companies that create replica sites won’t take the time to remove or add things that fit your business specifically. One company we found has a way for you to plug in your logo and see what your website would look like in seconds. There is no time spent on asking what you like or want to change, and they can pump out websites in high volume. You will have the same template and pictures as the same agency down the street with nothing to brand your company or set you apart.

Some of these businesses may lure you in with the promise of great results and low prices, but chances are they won’t deliver. If you are a current client contemplating one of these companies, we will be happy to meet with you and discuss this in more detail. Our priority is the success of our clients, and we want what will be best for you in the long run.