Why It’s Important For Businesses To Manage Their Social Media Accounts

So you started a Facebook profile. There’s a tweet or two on Twitter from your account. You even went online and created a spot for your business on Google +.


You tell customers and other people that you have a social media presence, and technically you do. Yet you honestly don’t know when the last time you put something on one of your social media profiles and you may have even forgotten your passwords to them.

Forgetting your passwords is an issue, but not regularly managing your social media accounts is an even bigger problem for your business. Maintaining an active presence on social media has many benefits, and it has gotten even more important today.

Among the main reasons as to why it’s important for a business to regularly manage its social media accounts is because it helps achieve better rankings on SERPs. Having a profile on social media sites such as Facebook, Google + or even Pinterest sends out social signals to networks, which impacts your position on search engines.

Constantly managing your company’s social media accounts also increases visibility and brand awareness. The more you do with your social media accounts helps you be seen by target audiences of your business and achieve authoritative status. social-media-488886_1280

Posting regularly on your social media accounts drives more traffic to your site, which increases leads and conversions. Social media is an outstanding avenue for your business to be seen constantly by customers, who’ll likely click-through to visit your website. The catch is to post good stuff, such as relevant news, entertaining content and neat videos, among other things.

Putting in the time and effort to properly manage and update your social media accounts can take away from other matters pertaining to running your company. However, as it was mentioned earlier, it is still crucial for your business to practice this.

That is why 220 Marketing has a great solution to your social media account management needs:

220 Social.

This is a brand new social media package offered by 220 Marketing designed to increase your social media presence. The package features a personalized bio for your business on Facebook, Twitter and Google + to highlight all of the amazing goods and services you provide. You’ll also get a customized banner photo for all of your profiles, plus keyword-rich content and milestones shared on your timelines. 220 Marketing will also throw in a custom app button to incorporate a call-to-action, as well as a custom email template.

Businesses can also opt for a 220 Social package that includes ongoing management and having individualized content posted for them once-a-day, seven-days-a-week on Facebook, Twitter and Google +. This specific package also features social profile optimization and the promotion of a company’s products or services to their social communities.

So, in actuality, 220 Social can allow you to continue to tell people about how you’re killing it on social media, without you having to really do anything. Plus, you won’t have to constantly remember the passwords to all of your social media profiles!


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