Why You Need to Meet With Your Marketing Team at Least Once per Quarter

Many of us take our vehicles in for regularly scheduled maintenance such as oil and filter changes, or tire rotations. Why do we make these appointments? The goal is to keep everything running smoothly, identify possible problems, and plan for future maintenance. If you ignore regular maintenance, big issues start to arise that could have easily been prevented. 

Your marketing efforts need the same care and attention. Regular appointments with your marketing team will help you identify what is working well, what needs immediate attention, and what can use a few small adjustments to get back on track. One of the most important factors in success is consistency with appointments. Lengthy gaps between appointments will lead to things slipping through the cracks. Not everyone has the time to meet with a marketing team or consultant once per week to be making constant changes, but we recommend a minimum of once per quarter. Any less frequently and you may start running into trouble that could have been avoided. 

Why You Should Regularly Meet With Your Marketing Team

See What is Working and What is Not 

First and foremost, one of the most important reasons you want to meet with your marketing team regularly is to simply see what is working and what is not working. Various campaigns need to be reviewed regularly or you may be investing money in something that is not generating any revenue. If you are using different ads or campaigns so that you can A/B test them, you will want to sit down and review statistics to see which is most successful and why.

Your marketing team can help you evaluate which campaigns are working and which are not.

Your marketing team can help you evaluate which campaigns are working and which are not.


When you determine what works best for your business, you can review your budget and reallocate funds to your most successful campaigns. This is also a time to decide if you should be trying new and creative marketing ideas. If your current ideas simply aren’t generating the business you were looking for, you can discuss options with your marketing team that may be more beneficial than what you are currently trying. 

Stay on Track 

You’ve hired a marketing team or consultant because you simply don’t have time to do everything yourself! When you’re a busy mortgage professional, it is easy to lose track of your marketing goals when your day is filled with appointments and responding to client’s needs. Your marketing team is there to support you and help see your marketing goals through. The longer you go without checking in with your marketing team, the easier it is to fall off track. Once things get too far off track, or you neglect things entirely, it is often difficult to recover your current efforts and you may end up having to start from the beginning again. Your regular check-ins keep your campaigns on track and your efforts continuing smoothly.  

Marketing Goals are Constantly Evolving 

Marketing goals are constantly evolving for many reasons. As a mortgage professional, your marketing efforts may shift seasonally. Certain times of the year may be better for home purchases while at other times of the year you may see more refinancing business. Your marketing efforts should always be changing to capitalize on seasonal shifts. The mortgage industry itself goes through constant changes as well and you should always be on top of trends that will impact your business. Rate changes, loan program updates, the housing marketing, and more, are all factors that can have a significant impact on where you want to focus your marketing efforts. You may also have new offline marketing campaigns you are working on. Your online marketing goals should be updated to match what you are doing offline as well. By meeting with your marketing team, you can discuss these types of changes and establish a plan of action for how your marketing efforts should be shifting. 

Discuss Long Term Goals 

Short term goals need regular review to ensure they are successful and are generating revenue, but long-term goals also need to be established. Regular meetings with your marketing team are a good time discuss your long-term goals for the future. If your marketing team understands where you want to be in a year, they can help establish a road map of short-term goals that will help you get there. Each meeting is an opportunity to review the current efforts, and what is working towards hitting that long-term goal. If things are getting a little off track, suggestions can be made to realign goals and update the plan of action that is going to help you see success in the long run. 

Consistent meetings with your marketing team will ensure you are heading in the right direction to achieve long term goals.

Consistent meetings with your marketing team will ensure you are heading in the right direction to achieve long-term goals.

Online marketing is something that requires attention throughout the year. By meeting with your team of marketing experts at least once per quarter, you can stay on top of your current efforts as well as begin to incorporate new ideas and campaigns to help reach your long-term goals. The more frequently you can meet, the more on track you will remain throughout the year and the better your results will be. If your marketing efforts aren’t getting you to where you want to be, the team of marketing experts at 220 Marketing can help review your goals and establish a plan of action to help you succeed.