YouTube Releases Analytics, the Next Generation in Insight

YouTube recently unveiled its new Analytics tool that is set to replace Insight, YouTube’s former tool that lets users see detailed statistics about its videos. The new analytics tool will provide users all the data that Insight provided, but in a simpler format with more robust features. If you are familiar with Google Analytics, the name change should be no surprise. Google Analytics and YouTube analytics are visually very similar.

Users should pay attention to the following new features:

Quick Overview – This overview provides you a quick glance of each report to highlight your performance metrics. More detailed information for each report is only a click away.

More Detailed Reports – YouTube Analytics now includes more detailed statistics that allows users to filter reports by content, geography, or date to help users better understand their audience. Most reports are accompanied by an interactive map showing the geographic distribution.

Audience Builders – The data provided by the audience builder will help users determine which videos are driving the most views as well as subscriptions.

Audience Retention – Audience retention measures a video’s ability to retain an audience. Analytics measures retention by 2 metrics. Absolute audience retention tracks how long viewers watch your video. Relative audience retention compares the performance of your video to other similar length videos.

Traffic Sources Report – The traffic sources report, otherwise called Discovery on YouTube Insight, lets users know how their videos were found and by what Internet source.

With YouTube’s analytics we can learn more about our audience and our video performance, ultimately meaning we are all more equipped to succeed.