10 Ways to Make Your Landing Page Trustworthy

Landing pages make your campaigns more effective and produce a higher conversion rate; this is something most people understand and incorporate into their marketing strategy now. According to several studies, landing pages have a success rate of about 92% which is really impressive. In order to have your page as part of that group that is successful, there is a big part of the equation you need to have; trust from those that visit your landing page.

Most people have had the horror experience of filling out a form and getting calls from 20 companies that have nothing to do with the service you were looking for. Because of situations like this, we’ve all become a little weary when we see a page asking for our information. Making sure that people trust your page enough to give you their information is a great thing to focus on after you’ve gotten your page set up. We’ve listed 10 ways to earn the trust of those visiting your landing page.

1. Make Sure Your Call To Action Matches the Landing Page Content

Advertising one thing in a paid ad and something completely different in the landing page is the easiest way to get someone to leave that site! Making sure that you have different landing pages for each campaign you are running is important. Sometimes we get so caught up in the idea that our call to action has to be amazing that it has nothing to do with what the next page they see will be offering. You just wasted your time, your customer’s time, and precious marketing dollars if they clicked on a paid advertisement.

To make everyone happier, it is critical that you make sure the call to action matches what you are selling on the landing page. If you are offering a free guide on how to resolve an issue they have, don’t offer them a 20% off coupon for you to solve the problem for them.

2. Write Clear Verbiage Explaining What They Will Receive With the Offer

It is very easy for people to misread copy or construe their own meaning when they are reading. This is why it is crucial to make sure your landing page fully explains what they will get in exchange for filling out that form. If you are clear in what you are offering, you will live up to your end of the bargain and appear trustworthy.

If you are offering a free newsletter in your call to action, but the page they land on next isn’t clear in what they can expect, there is a greater chance the visitor will leave your page. When our clients offer a free e-newsletter sign up through a homepage button, we make sure it is linking to a form that lets the user know what to except in exchange for providing contact information. On the Call to Action button, a newsletter is promised, and this is reflected in the next page as well.

3. Include Contact Info for Your Company

Although they probably won’t use it, disclosing contact information for your visitors to use to find out more information about you is an easy way to make them feel at ease. Providing your contact information shows them that you are a real company and aren’t afraid to hide your true identity. It adds to your credibility as a valid business, and lets them know you are not a fly by night overnight scam.

The more information you have (links to social media accounts, Google Maps, etc) the more your visitors will fill at ease.

4. Don’t ask Questions That are too Intrusive

Even if they feel comfortable with your landing page, the potential customer might still be reluctant to pass over too much information. If you include basic questions that won’t set them on edge, it will let you collect the information you need while avoiding questions that may send them running. Trial and error is the best way to test how deep you can dig. Trying different forms running side by side is a good indicator of what questions people aren’t willing to answer before speaking with you and allow you to create a formula that works for you and the customer.

landing page form example

Differentiating between required and option fields will also help signify that it isn’t required for the client to give out all of the information you are asking for. Using asterisks on required fields is a great way to set those questions apart from the rest.

5. Provide a Link to Your Privacy Policy

Giving visitors a link to your privacy policy is a great way to let them see how you will use the information they provide. Reassuring them that their information will not be sold to other companies and letting them know they can request not to be contacted at any time will help set them at ease and feel comfortable with filling out your form.

6. Display Seals of Approval from Third-Party Companies

Displaying your 5 star Zillow rating logo or A+ BBB grade will help the clients know that you have been recognized by independent companies for the excellent service that you provide. Also providing security logos will help the client feel reassured that their information won’t be compromised.

7. Give Purchasers a Chance to Review a Summary of Their Purchase

If your landing page allows users to purchase a product, it is very important to disclose any extra handling or shipping fees upfront so they won’t be surprised by hidden fees. This will eliminate any chance that they will feel tricked. Allowing them to view all details of what they will receive and estimated shipping times will also help set them at ease before hitting that submit button to complete the order.

8. Include Reviews and Testimonials From Past Clients

Showing potential customers that you’ve made people happy with your services in the past is the best way to make them feel at ease. If you have feedback from several clients, this will help them see that you are offering a legitimate service that they will be happy with. If you are a current 220 Marketing customer with a landing page, ask one of our representatives about a customized Testimonial Scroll widget. This tool will allow visitors to see a list of reviews that are pulled directly from your site without taking up too much space.

9. Use Proper Spelling and Grammar

Having multiple spelling and grammatical errors on a landing page can make it look like you are lazy and don’t really care about representing your company in the best possible light. If you can’t take the time to have a professional proofread your page for errors, why would anyone want to hand over their information to you? Having another colleague read your copy and running it through a spell check machine will help save you a lot of headaches down the road, and make you appear professional and on top of your game.

10. Present an Overall Professional Appearance

If your landing page looks like a 10 year old put it together, chances are you won’t get much response from it. Besides having grammatically correct copy, it is also important to make sure that the layout and overall design of your landing page looks like it was put together by a professional, signaling that you really care about how you are perceived. Little things can provide a subconscious feeling of unease for some visitors.

Have a trusted third party take a look at your landing page and tell you their gut reaction of how the page makes them feel. If you have several designs you are trying to narrow down, show them all and get their feedback about which ones would make them feel safe enough to fill out the form. Asking them for specific details of what makes them feel the way they do will help you get a feel for things to make sure you avoid and include in each landing page.

Having too many different font sizes and types could your page look too busy. Using colors like red can have a subconscious effect in making the client want to stop what they are doing and leave the page. Including too many exclamation points can take away from the professional aspect while flashing animations can distract users from the most important aspect—the form!

Now that you have some tips to work off of, take a really good look at the landing pages you already have created. At 220 Marketing, we really work with our clients to ensure their landing pages are getting the best results, and we are willing to make adjustments until we find what will work best for your conversion rate! Our clients can always call our customer service department for some feedback if they need help with landing page design or content.

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