A Look at the Importance of Quality Lead Capture Forms


As a business, you have probably spent a lot of time having a website designed and created to market your product and services. You might direct people back to that website through paid advertisements or through posts made on your numerous social media accounts. Perhaps to a beautiful landing page with the perfect call-to-action.   You feel you have done everything right, but you noticed that you don’t seem to be… [Read More]

The Big Three of Local Ranking: Relevance, Distance, Prominence

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Whenever you do a search for local businesses, Google returns a group of three results known as the local pack or local 3 pack. These results appear at the top of the page above organic results and either above or below paid results depending on the specific search terms. The goal of improving your local SEO is to make sure your… [Read More]

Just How Important Is Speed to Lead?


What exactly is speed to lead? Speed to lead refers to the amount of time it takes from the moment a potential customer fills out a lead form until they are first contacted. In the digital era where online consumers have endless options and little patience, every second matters when it comes to how fast you respond to leads. You may… [Read More]

5 Email Marketing Tips for More Successful Campaigns


Email marketing is one of the most valuable marketing tools that a business can have. There are a few factors that separate good email campaigns from great email campaigns. Here are 5 email marketing tips that will help you start creating more effective and engaging email campaigns.  1) Segmenting Your Contacts  Before you even send your… [Read More]

Major Factors That Influence Organic SEO Placement


If your business uses a website, you have most likely done a little bit of homework on search engine optimization or have at least heard of it. Search engine optimization, or SEO, revolves around increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through organic search results. Organic search results are any unpaid results… [Read More]

The Science of Lead Conversion

Good marketers know that numbers are everything.  Like any scientist, a marketer must test what works and what doesn’t.  Experimenting is a characteristic that separates the good marketers from the bad ones.  However this doesn’t mean that you need a PHD in chemistry to be a successful marketer.  There are several small tests that when… [Read More]

7 [almost] Shameless Marketing Tactics

There are certain rules of thumb that all reputable marketers will stay clear of to make sure their reputation stays spotless. Inflating numbers, purposefully including vague information, or blatantly lying are all things you will want to stay away from in your marketing material. However, there are some harmless tactics that some may consider “shameless”… [Read More]