5 Tips to Follow When Creating Your Google+ Business Page

google-plus-featuresGoogle+ Business pages are proving to be a priceless asset for all business owners. Because the user base is growing at such a rapid rate and the content is held in high regard on an SEO level, it is a good idea for every company to create a page and make sure it presents the best face for their business.

Here are five tips to keep in mind when creating your Google+ page that should give you an advantage over other businesses out there.

1. Start Discussions With Your Followers, Peers, and Influencers

Post engaging tips and information that readers will be able to use. Google+ also allows you to tag (put +username) colleagues or other experts in the field. When they are tagged, it will notify them and invite them to respond with anything they can add. Not only will this involve other experts and add to the information you are sharing, it will help involve readers to respond and ask more questions. You can use this tactic to create a partnership with other professionals in your area and also to spread buzz and generate feedback about your products and services.

2. Include Videos and Attractive Images

Instead of just posting text that might get scanned over, post an interesting video or picture that will get peoples attention. Because Google+ allows you to post rich content in each post, this will prevent you from having to link to another site and will promote interaction on your business page. This feature will allow you to market towards visual people and provide something other businesses in your industry may not be putting out there. Be sure to include large, attractive images with vivid colors to make sure you grab everyone’s attention.

3. Add Your Blog Posts to Your Page

Expand your network and get even more interaction on sites that you are already publishing on! Google loves seeing interaction and traffic to sites, and this has become a major part of the SEO grade. Sending people to your blog or website from your Google+ will help your website ranking, and allow people to +1 the information if they find it useful. This will, in turn, show how many +1’s your blog has gotten in organic search results and let people know they should view it because so many people have endorsed it.

4. Find Inspiration For Your Next Email Marketing Message

Google+ provides a venue where you can ask your customers what they are looking for. While in the past we could determine something was popular by the number of units that were being sold, Social Media provides an outlet where we can hear what people want that they aren’t being given. Ask your followers how they would want a product approved or what product or promotion you have retired that they want back. This will allow you to go back to the drawing board and think of how you can give them what they want. Once everything is finalized, you can use this feedback to launch an email campaign introducing your new product.

5. Promote Your Best Offers to Generate Leads

Share landing pages, content offers, and other promotions with your Google+ followers. This will remind people of the products you offer, and give them an avenue to get it. While you don’t want to put too many posts about yourself, it will benefit you to send users to a page where they can provide you with their information converting them from followers to customers.