Taking Control of Your Business’ Social Ranking


Written by Kyle O. Social ranking is an umbrella term that describes several different ways that your business is evaluated and graded online by customers. Social ranking is fluid, changing as more and more people write reviews, testimonials, and critique your business online. In the digital age, your social ranking is a crucial metric that oftentimes may determine whether someone patronizes your… [Read More]

Get a Grip on Your Social Channels with a Social Media Audit


A strong and unified social media presence is an important part of any modern business’ digital strategy. Unless you’re a digital marketing pro, you may be unclear where to begin when it comes to creating a comprehensive and aligned social strategy. In this week’s blog, we’ll discuss the social media audit, which can diagnose any problematic or disjointed… [Read More]

How to Beat the Facebook News Feed Update


by Anthony Santillo Since the announcement of the new Facebook news feed update last month, there have been many concerns from businesses about their organic reach and how it will be affected. Rest assured, there are ways to get around this update to ensure that your content is still being seen by the people who like… [Read More]

LinkedIn’s new “Follow Company” Button Recently Rolled Out

The newest launch from LinkedIn allows brands to embed a “Follow Company” button to their homepages. This new option makes promoting the brand pages much easier and allows business owners to bring more awareness to their brand through the social network. This button is very similar to “Liking” a page on Facebook or following on… [Read More]

Followers are important even if they do not become a customer!

Is it more beneficial to have 50 qualified followers on your social media platforms or 1,000 followers who will never purchase anything from you? Many business-minded individuals would answer that 50 qualified followers would be much more beneficial. They would be incorrect. Research shows that having more followers on your social media platforms directly affects… [Read More]

Boosting Your SEO with Google+

Google is doing everything possible to coerce its users to join Google+, its latest social networking platform. The plugs for Google+ have been anything but subtle and are displayed on Google’s homepage with a call-to-action. New Gmail accounts even come with automatic Google+ registration. Ever since Google introduced its Google Plus Your World in January… [Read More]

How to Get Free Advertising on Google

Many small businesses do not know that you can get some free advertising on Google, using Google Local or Google Maps, this will basically allow you to advertise on Google for free with, and potentially outrank organic results without doing the hard work. Google is looking to increase the value of their local search and… [Read More]

How to Make Your Company a Social One

Using social networking for businesses doesn’t end at just having a Facebook or Twitter account. A social business will engage the entire company, and take advantage of opportunities to advance the company’s internal community and preach valuable social media skills as it grows and evolves. The challenge is getting everyone on board. Here are some… [Read More]

Critical Checklist for Integrated Marketing

Having a successful inbound marketing strategy requires having many different avenues out there to get peoples information. From Blogging to social media and email campaigns, there is so much to keep track of that most people don’t have a cohesive plan that fits all aspects together into one place. Because there is so much going… [Read More]