Bing It On

Do you remember the days when Pepsi was trying to take Coke head on to prove their cola tasted better? It was hard to miss the flood of commercials showing blind taste tests where Pepsi magically seemed to come out on top ever time. Taking a page from Pepsi’s book, Bing is ready to take on Google in the same way using modern technology.

A new marketing campaign has been launched introducing, a website that blindly compares Bing and Google search results to see which group gives you what you are looking for. After comparing the list, you will be able to click on the column you prefer. This is repeated 5 times, giving ample opportunities for you to see results of different search types.

According to Bing, searchers prefer their results 2 to 1 over Google. This may be a little misleading, however, because these stats are based on another study Microsoft did and does not provide examples of what was searched or reasons why the users preferred the Bing results.

During our own independent test, Google was the victor for the queries we ran (mortgage, insurance and real estate searches), showing that Bing may not provide the great results they are claiming every time.

There have been some hiccups along the way that may make people question whether Bing really is better than Google. Some people searching Bing and Google for the term “bingiton” in the Bing search engine were given a top result of Bring It On the movie instead of the challenge website, while the correct destination was number one on Google. Microsoft has responded saying that the results may have been based off of personal recommendations from other queries performed, though this seems very unlikely since the movie is over a decade old and not necessarily a popular classic.

It is yet to be seen how Bing will use this information, but it would be very interesting if they gather the results of Bing It On and reveal the over all winner as part two of their marketing campaign. If you want to take the challenge on your own, you can visit and start your search. We’d love to hear your results in the comments and whether or not this will affect which search engine you use.

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