The Science of Lead Conversion

Good marketers know that numbers are everything.  Like any scientist, a marketer must test what works and what doesn’t.  Experimenting is a characteristic that separates the good marketers from the bad ones.  However this doesn’t mean that you need a PHD in chemistry to be a successful marketer.  There are several small tests that when… [Read More]

Bing It On

Do you remember the days when Pepsi was trying to take Coke head on to prove their cola tasted better? It was hard to miss the flood of commercials showing blind taste tests where Pepsi magically seemed to come out on top ever time. Taking a page from Pepsi’s book, Bing is ready to take… [Read More]

7 [almost] Shameless Marketing Tactics

There are certain rules of thumb that all reputable marketers will stay clear of to make sure their reputation stays spotless. Inflating numbers, purposefully including vague information, or blatantly lying are all things you will want to stay away from in your marketing material. However, there are some harmless tactics that some may consider “shameless”… [Read More]

Boost Traffic to Your Site Via Facebook in 5 Easy Steps

Facebook is one of the most visited websites on planet Earth, so if you haven’t been taking advantage of that it’s time you started doing so! I’m sure that you’ve been told to start using Facebook, but may be reluctant because you feel it will be too hard to keep up with and won’t provide… [Read More]

Facebook Finally Allows Scheduled Posts!

Want to promote the open house you are having on Saturday through a Facebook update, but you know you will be too busy getting ready to post anything that morning? To keep up with social media management companies like HootSuite, Facebook is now allowing admins of pages to schedule future posts. When posting an update,… [Read More]

9 Ways to add LinkedIn to Your Company Website

LinkedIn has a lot of tools available for you to make the most of your recruiting efforts for both hiring new employees and generating new business. HubSpot has discovered that LinkedIn is 277% more effective at generating leads than Facebook or Twitter, so it makes perfect sense to advertise your profile or company page on… [Read More]

New Tools to Help you be More Successful on LinkedIn

For those already taking advantage of LinkeIn’s Product Tab, you will love the new improvements that are being rolled out. Recently, Business Insider reported that LinkeIn will be releasing two new features for those with company pages: Targeted Updates and Follower Statistics. The features are currently only available to a few select groups like Samsung… [Read More]