Converting YouTube Videos into Clicks

220youtubeLooking to turn more watchers into clickers? There is no question about it; YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the Internet and should not be ignored by any marketer. YouTube generates three billion visits a day and is the second largest search engine behind Google.

Think of each video as your own personal website. With YouTube’s search feature, your content can easily be found on YouTube itself. Also, by adding videos to YouTube your content has the potential to get indexed on Google and other search engine results pages and shared across some of the most popular social networking platforms.

Videos should be used to build brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. You do not need the world’s funniest video or millions of views to get results. Your YouTube videos need to build rapport with your viewers so that once they are on your website they are ready to convert. It should be more about the quality of your visitors rather than the quantity.

The most effective strategy for generating traffic to your website from YouTube is having a compelling call to action. Your videos need to clearly explain where to find your website, how to get to your website, and most importantly why to visit your website. You have to provide your viewers with a clearly labeled reason to leave YouTube and visit your website. Your offer should be as compelling as possible. For example: Use our FREE quick and easy website doctor to help you determine whether or not your website has what it takes for your business to achieve success online at

Clearly communicate your compelling call to action at the end of every video telling visitors exactly how to get to your website along with the benefits of doing so. Also, with every video uploaded you have the opportunity to provide a short description of the video’s content. Why would you not take advantage of this space? Within the video’s description add your call to action with a link to your website.

If you have something that people want, they will take the next step to work with you!

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