Is your E-Newsletter Boring?

E-newsletter’s can get deleted almost as quickly as snapping your fingers. The goal is to have content that is eye catching and will make them want to read your newsletter every time it gets sent out. Think about your newsletter as if thousands of people are going to be reading it. Keeping their attention and leaving them wanting more should be the ultimate goal. In order to really get them interested, you have to put relevant and interesting content in there. Otherwise, they will opt out and never get your E-newsletter again.


1. Upcoming events and activities in your town. Sporting events, farmers markets, concerts, etc. are great things to include.


2.  Include your favorite recipe or a restaurant that you think people in your area would like.


3. Create an ongoing story on a child or an animal. Every month when your newsletter goes out, include a new update and a picture.


4. For networking purposes, feature a business professional you’re working with. Have them write an article that is relevant to the time of year. Have a CPA that you’re working with write an article on “tax tips” for the month of March of April.


5. Something interesting to your target market. For example, if you are a realtor, send out something like spring cleaning tips for your home.


6. Funny articles and stories are always a hit because those are always forwarded out to friends and family.


7. Be field specific. If you are an insurance agent, put a picture of a crazy accident and how a specific coverage can help.


8. Include a funny YouTube video that is trending.


9. If you know of any coupons or specials going on in your area, include those too. People will 100% remember that you’re helping them to save money.


10. If you want to get really creative, run a contest or a trivia challenge to keep them engaged for the following months.



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