5 Email Marketing Tips for More Successful Campaigns


Email marketing is one of the most valuable marketing tools that a business can have. There are a few factors that separate good email campaigns from great email campaigns. Here are 5 email marketing tips that will help you start creating more effective and engaging email campaigns.  1) Segmenting Your Contacts  Before you even send your… [Read More]

5 Landing Page Musts for More Conversions


Landing pages are a must when it comes to targeted marketing. Whether you are running paid ads to drive traffic to your website or sending out an email campaign with a special offer, you want to ensure your landing page is optimized for conversions. Whether you are just starting out in the marketing world, or… [Read More]

Is your E-Newsletter Boring?

E-newsletter’s can get deleted almost as quickly as snapping your fingers. The goal is to have content that is eye catching and will make them want to read your newsletter every time it gets sent out. Think about your newsletter as if thousands of people are going to be reading it. Keeping their attention and… [Read More]