Email is Not Dead

Written by Kyle O.

Email Marketing Is Still Valuable 

With all the touch points where you can connect with potential and existing clients online, you may be wondering if email marketing in still valuable. The answer is yes; email marketing remains one of the best ways to connect with your clients when it’s used correctly. It’s a great pathway to send clients new email1information, to alert them of any promotions or specials you’re having, and to build brand recognition. You can even track how your recipients interact with the emails you send. Read on in this week’s blog to learn more about the value of email marketing as part of a larger digital marketing strategy. 

Creating Intriguing Messaging 

Billions of emails are sent every day, and it’s important that your messaging is poignant and timely. Research says that more than half of consumers say they receive too many irrelevant emails. Consumers can very easily unsubscribe from your emails or flag them as spam, so you must ensure that your messaging hits the right people at the right time. 

You can personalize your emails with clients’ names and determine which clients get which types of emails based on the information they’ve given you. You can build an email “journey” in which you determine which email a person will receive next based on their actions after receiving the last email. Those who click a link, for example, may be more engaged than those who don’t. You can adjust your messaging appropriately for these groups in your next email.  

Analyzing Email Data 

There are several types of email marketing software that can give you data about the emails you send. You can track who opens your emails, when they’re opened and who clicks on links in your emails. You email2want to have a clear goal in mind with each email you send your clients. For example, if you want clients to get to your website and get a free quote on a certain page, you need to include that link in your email, with an appropriate call to action to inspire recipients to click it. You can track who has opened your emails and clicked, and you can track who’s completed the task using your website. 

Making Content Adaptable for Different Platforms 

It’s important that your emails are adaptable for several different types of technology. Your messages shouldn’t be too long or complex. You can send short, “snackable” content that readers can absorb on the go. You should include interesting graphics and images to convey different moods without a lot of wording. All your content must adapt when its looked at on a smaller screen like a phone or tablet. A digital design professional can help you ensure that your images are the right size and quality to look great across all platforms. 

Remember: email marketing is just one prong of your digital marketing foundation. It’s a great line of communication with your clients where you can nurture your relationship with them and establish yourself as a respectable, knowledgeable company. Keep up with our blog in the coming weeks to learn more about other digital marketing strategies to build your presence online and, ultimately, build your business.