Better Understand Clients with Digital Contact Management


Written by Kyle O. Building a list of business contacts takes time and effort. To maximize your ROI from your list, it’s essential that you properly organize your contact database, so you can deliver poignant messaging to them and measure your success in the digital space. Digital contact management professionals and software tools can help you… [Read More]

Email is Not Dead


Written by Kyle O. Email Marketing Is Still Valuable  With all the touch points where you can connect with potential and existing clients online, you may be wondering if email marketing in still valuable. The answer is yes; email marketing remains one of the best ways to connect with your clients when it’s used correctly. It’s a great pathway to… [Read More]

Critical Checklist for Integrated Marketing

Having a successful inbound marketing strategy requires having many different avenues out there to get peoples information. From Blogging to social media and email campaigns, there is so much to keep track of that most people don’t have a cohesive plan that fits all aspects together into one place. Because there is so much going… [Read More]