Incorporating QR Codes into Your Marketing Plan

qrA QR code, which stands for Quick Response, is a two-dimensional code that can easily be scanned by smartphones to automatically generate text, photos, videos, music, and URLs. QR codes provide marketers an easy and mobile-friendly way to direct people to their website and other online resources.

QR codes are a way for your company to provide consumers with detailed information about your products/services without taking up a lot of space.

The following sources can be used to generate your own QR codes:

Kaywa – This website provides an easy QR code generator for a URL, text, phone number, or SMS. Select your preferences and click “Generate.” Save the code to use elsewhere or grab the HTML code to embed it online.

iCandy – This website allows you to not only generate a QR code, it allows you to track scans and look at the analytics for your QR code as well.

Stickybits – This website makes it simple to create stickers for your QR codes.

There are tons of websites out there to generate your own barcodes for free. Try doing a quick Google search for “QR code generator”

How to Incorporate QR Codes into your Marketing Plan:

Below are a few ways for you to implement QR codes into your marketing plan.

Business Cards – QR codes should be placed on business cards to help new and existing contacts to find your business faster. You can direct traffic to an online resume, Facebook business page, or your website.

Offline Marketing Materials – QR codes should be placed on any offline marketing materials provided by your business such as flyers, brochures, handouts, envelopes, bills, and countless other materials. Use QR codes on these resources to direct viewers to a particular how-to video, follow your business on Facebook or Twitter, or point them to a landing page promoting a particular campaign.

Incentives – One of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your business is a giveaway. Reward those who scan a particular QR code by providing a coupon or a discount. Provide your scanners with a small reward to thank them for their patronage.

In House- Place QR codes in the waiting area of your office and in storefront windows. You can use QR codes in your office to encourage Facebook check-ins.

Although QR codes are certainly growing in popularity it is important to remember that QR codes are still foreign to some people. Never assume your customers know how to use a QR code.

Has your business started to use QR codes?

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