5 Ways to Simplify Marketing for Small Businesses


by Novi S. A phrase we hear occasionally from our clients is, “I’m not a marketing person”. We often hear this when discussing the more technical side of marketing – using terms like SEO, PPC, bounce rate, click rate, open rate, etc. This jargon probably sounds like a foreign language, so it’s no surprise that… [Read More]

Critical Checklist for Integrated Marketing

Having a successful inbound marketing strategy requires having many different avenues out there to get peoples information. From Blogging to social media and email campaigns, there is so much to keep track of that most people don’t have a cohesive plan that fits all aspects together into one place. Because there is so much going… [Read More]

Determining a Buyer’s Persona

Determining a buyer’s persona is a crucial element for successful inbound marketing, particularly for sales. It is important to know who you are marketing and selling to. Ask yourself these simple questions about your target audience to determine how to go about your personas. 1. What is their demographic information? To perform more targeted offline… [Read More]

Internet Marketing Statistics Forecast for 2012

With every New Year come new forecasts. The most recent US Digital Media Usage report by eMarketer estimates how digital media usage will grow in 2012. These estimates will surely help to justify your inbound marketing-centric strategies. Check out these mind-boggling marketing stats that highlight the probable growth of digital media in 2012. The Internet… [Read More]