Inside Look on the new TweetDeck by Twitter

Twitter’s newest addition, TweetDeck offers a fresh new look to its original desktop app. The conversion is complete and ready to use! You’ll notice the same functionalities as the original Twitter you know and love, but TweetDeck offers new and improved capabilities as well.

New changes that you’ll notice include boldface names for every tweet, blue Twitter links, hashtags, and @mentions. The main purpose of the TweetDeck 1.0 is to assist in tweet readability and user-friendliness.

The beta TweetDeck launched with expanded tweet pane by default, while TweetDeck 1.0 keeps it closed but offers a larger tweet button that launches input pop-up window.

Twitter has taken this as an opportunity to refocus users by defaulting TweetDeck to Twitter’s URL shortener and photos services in anticipation that users are unlikely to use the YFrog and tools ever again, although they are still available but behind the scenes.

All the controls that appeared at the bottom of each column are gone and replaced with a settings button that only appears when you select a column. Notification pop-up and sound control are now at the top of each column (instead of being hidden under settings). “Filter” and “what’s popular” are a couple original features you’ll notice are gone, as well as some features for individual users such as “add to group or list”.

Day and date of posts are done, however, post time survived the transition. The direct message column has been renamed to “inbox”, and hovering over an avatar to reply, retweet, direct message and other actions are unavailable. You must click on the avatar to be able to utilize those features with TweetDeck 1.0.

You’ll see a new search box near the top of the interface, which serves to replace the “add column” and “quick profile” buttons. You may now do both with your results.

Overall, the look and feel of Twitter’s TweetDeck is cleaner than old TweetDeck. Twitter’s TweetDeck 1.0 looks exactly like this in the web interface, as well. That’s because it’s built in HTML5 and maintains a consistent look and feel across virtually all platforms, including Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, and most browser platforms.

It’s easier to read and works smoothly. Tweeting from it, including retweets and quoted tweets is problem free. You can still manage multiple accounts, post to Facebook, and track virtually any breaking news story in multiple columns.

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