Instagram Now Allows You to Switch Between Multiple Accounts

For most people, one of the biggest struggles with Instagram marketing has been that you can’t toggle between accounts. This made it hard for those with separate personal and business accounts, because it required a couple more steps than something like posting to a Facebook page. Pair this with the fact that you can only post updates from your phone and not a desktop computer, and most people gave up on this platform.

A recent update that allows you to switch between two accounts means that it might be time to take another look at Instagram as a way to reach potential customers and increase your brand awareness. From real estate agents to insurance professionals, Instagram provides a great platform to share tips and services your company provides.

To log into an additional account on your Instagram app, navigate to your profile settings, scroll down, and click Add account.


Once you have added all of the accounts that you will need access to, toggling in between them will be a breeze. Simply go to the profile you are currently on, and click on the username in the top left corner. From here, you will see a drop down of all accounts available, and you will click on the one you want to update.

profile-view-1 Switch-screen-2

Simply make your updates, and use the same process to go to the previous account! What are some good posts that have gotten you traction on Instagram? Share your feedback with us in the comments!