Why Regular Content Updates Are So Important for Your Website

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If you have spent any time researching search engine optimization, you have likely heard the phrase, “content is king.” While search engines are always evolving and improving, your website content will always be one of the most important factors for search engine ranking. Quality content is not only about search engine ranking though. A sound… [Read More]

The Best Times to Post on Popular Social Media Sites

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Social media marketing can be tricky at times. If you can even find the time throughout your busy day to post, you have to carefully consider a number of factors to get the most out of your social media posts. Posting too little or too much, or at the wrong time of day, can make the difference between successful posts and ones that goes… [Read More]

How to Grow Your Facebook Fanbase


So you finally came into the 21st century and set up a Facebook page for your business; now what? Setting up the account is a great first step, but there is still a long way to go before your page becomes a lead generating tool to supplement the rest of your marketing efforts. Now that… [Read More]

Boost Traffic to Your Site Via Facebook in 5 Easy Steps

Facebook is one of the most visited websites on planet Earth, so if you haven’t been taking advantage of that it’s time you started doing so! I’m sure that you’ve been told to start using Facebook, but may be reluctant because you feel it will be too hard to keep up with and won’t provide… [Read More]

Using Visual Content to Revamp Your Marketing

You’ve heard it more times that you can remember: visual content gets more interaction and response than content with just text or links to other sites. It also provides a break for those marketers who may not have an English degree that can always create new, engaging content. Now you know how important it is… [Read More]

Facebook Finally Allows Scheduled Posts!

Want to promote the open house you are having on Saturday through a Facebook update, but you know you will be too busy getting ready to post anything that morning? To keep up with social media management companies like HootSuite, Facebook is now allowing admins of pages to schedule future posts. When posting an update,… [Read More]

The Best (and Worst) Times to Post Social Media Updates

As if this whole social media winning combination wasn’t’ hard enough to figure out already, link tracking service bit.ly has published their findings on the best and worst times to publish in social media accounts.Their findings show that different sites have different optimal posting times, making it even more important to tailor your postings to… [Read More]

5 Ways to Get Ready for Facebook’s Timeline Launch

Facebook is planning to convert business pages to the Timeline format. The announcement of Timeline for business pages is expected to come on February 29th during a marketing conference in New York City. When Timeline was rolled out for personal profiles there were a lot of mixed feelings. Timeline hasn’t been an option for brands… [Read More]