Too Busy and Forgot to go Holiday Shopping? Last Minute E-Gifts

Finding Christmas just days away and you have yet to purchase the perfect gift? Do not worry; the perfect gift is just an email away!

The list below includes a variety of gifts that are sent through email. Experience the quickest, most convenient holiday shopping yet!

1. iTunes Gift Card

Give the gift of music! Your recipient can download their favorite music to iTunes and later add it to their mobile devices.

2. Music Subscriptions

Send the gift of unlimited streaming. A premium plan subscription to Rdio or Spotify is only $9.99 a month and provides streaming all over the U.S.

3. Food & Groceries

This is the perfect gift for college students or those just starting out. Whole Foods has e-gift cards for the health conscious and Starbucks has e-gift cards for those caffeine addicts.

If you are searching for something local, check out ScripSmart for niche food gift certificates by email.

4. Local Gift Cards

Sites such as GiftRocket and Giftly allow you to send a gift card for almost any local business. If you can’t find a local business, GiftRocket also allows you to purchase universal gifts cards and deposit cash into the recipient’s bank or PayPal account.220christmas

5. TaskRabbit

Does your mom need help taking down Christmas decorations or does your dad need help setting up his new in-home gym? Send a TaskRabbit gift card by email, which can be cashed in for services in their area. While TaskRabbit is expanding, currently it only serves seven major cities, so be sure to check out which areas they serve first

6. Ebooks

Many people will be receiving an E-reader this holiday, as they are becoming very popular these days. If you have a family member or friend who is receiving one for a gift (or owns one), send them the gift of reading. You can purchase ebooks that will be sent by email on the Kindle Store book page and from the NOOK Bookstore online.

7. Audible

Send audio books to loved ones that spend a lot of time in the car or traveling. You can give a monthly subscription or select individual books to send by email.

8. Video Streaming Service

For those movie gurus, give the gift of on-demand entertainment. Email them a subscription to Hulu Plus or Netflix.

9. Airfare

Buy you kids a ticket to visit home or put money towards a friend’s vacation ticket. Major airlines including Southwest, United and Jet Blue provide e-gift cards.

10. Major Online Retailers

You can’t go wrong with e-gift cards from Best Buy, Target, Amazon, Gilt or Home Depot as they’ve got something for everybody!

BONUS: Subscription Services

You can instantly send a gift subscription service to anyone as long as you have the recipient’s address. Whether it’s baby supplies for a new parent or guy supplies to your son in college, a monthly subscription is sure to be a big hit.

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