Some Local SEO Tips for your New Website

You Have a New Website…Great! But how are your potential clients going to find you?

When a business serves a selective location, as well as, the surrounding areas, it’s important to ensure that its website is locally optimized. Here’s a local SEO tip, If you don’t, it will be difficult to expect any potential customers to find you on Google within your general location.

So…what should you be doing? Here’s some local SEO tips

search-engine-optimization-575035_640It’s definitely a science, but very simple to accomplish once you understand it. First, you’ll need to let Google know where your business is located (visit to find out how to do this).  Instead of keyword stuffing or writing mechanical text distinctly directed at the search engines, a more productive practice is to have your key location included within your title tags, meta-descriptions, the content of your web pages, as well as, the footer region of your website.

Help potential clients find you on Google…

To assist your potential clients with finding you on Google’s search engine, you’ll need to tell Google who your business is, as well as, how far along you are with the basic SEO elements listed above (all addresses, phone numbers, company names, etc. need to be consistent across all platforms).

So, what’s your first task?

Your first task is to establish and optimize a Google Places listing for your business. This is absolutely imperative for local SEO!
You’ll need to add your company’s name, business address and a current, up-to-date phone number to all of the prominent online business directories, portals and social platforms online (it’s important to note to always use the same listing info across all channels your company is listed on). As soon as you’ve completed the task of adding all of your business’ details, as well as, ensuring that each company description is consistent across all necessary channels, Google will then acknowledge that you’re now equipped to handle the search traffic it has to offer you.

In addition to getting your web pages in order and confirmed with Google, you will also need to get your current and/or past clients to review your business in order to rank higher as well. With an abundant volume of quality reviews on your Google Places page, you will be recognized as being a trusted organization. In turn, you’ll be ranked more favorably by Google for local search terms and will be given a higher page ranking.

An important tip of many local SEO tips is that Google will typically list businesses whose key words, phrases, company details, etc. are closest to the search term(s), location and details being entered. For example, if you’re a Café proprietor with the key search term ‘Café in San Diego’, however, you’re actually based in San Francisco, Google will likely give Café’ who are closest to San Diego a higher page ranking before it lists yours. Google works this way in order to be fair to everyone and to make sure your site is optimized, your current and/or past clients are reviewing you and your content is being updated frequently.


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