SEO For Dummies

 SEO= Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process of making your website appear higher on the search engine such as Google or Yahoo. It is the practice of promoting your website and making it stronger to increase the amount of traffic. There are several different ways to make your website more “search engine friendly”.


Think of your website as a recipe. You need all of the key ingredients for your meal to come out right. Same with your website, you have to have all of the right components in order for you to be ranked on the search engine.

How do you get ranked?

Make sure you have some value packed content. The content is what the search engine picks up and helps you to climb higher. Make sure when you are writing your content to think about what other people will be searching for in order for your website to come up. Include those words or phrases that people will search to find your site. Google and other search engines need to be convinced that your website is relevant and favored by others.  When figuring out the ranking, Google points out hundreds of different things that will determine your spot on the search engine.

1. A Good Title. Make sure the title of your page contains the most important part of your website. Use more than 3 words to make a bigger difference.

2. User friendly.  Is your site easy to maneuver? Search engines are happy when people can get around your site easily and the information is clear.

User Friendly Website Smile

good website

NOT a User Friendly Website Sad smile

bad website


3. Key Words. Search engines have these things called “spiders”.  Spiders (or web crawlers) are what crawl all over your website and pick out the most important content for search engines. For example, the words that are used the most, they will assume that’s what your website is all about. If you’re a realtor and you mention all of the terms about buying a home, then the search engine will realize that.

4. Back Links. The more links you have going to your website, the better. Links from other trustworthy and well known websites greatly help your ranking.

links blog

5. New and updated content. If you want to beat your competitors, it is important to  consistently update your website’s content. The content should be new and up to date.


Search Engine Optimization isn’t something that happens overnight. If you put some time and effort into creating some relevant and authoritative content, you should gradually start climbing to the top. Follow these helpful tips to create a SEO friendly website.



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