This Week’s Social Media Updates

There were a few big announcements this week in the world of social media. Facebook and Twitter both had updates that will help make everything easier to use. Have you tried any of these new features? We’d love to hear if it has helped or hurt you in the comments!

Facebook and WordPress Combine

This week it was announced that there will be a new Facebook for WordPress app that allows you to integrate the two sites together.

Some features include the ability to mention pages and friends that you interact with in your posts and widgets that help integrate your Facebook feed on your blog. There will also be customized like, share, and subscribe buttons available to integrate along with the ability to publish your new blogs to your Facebook feed automatically.

Twitter Introduces Tailored Trends

In an effort to filter out all of the trends on twitter that might not mean anything to you, Twitter announced it will tailor trends based on who the user follows and where they are located. This will allow more relevant news to come through and make the experience more personalized. There will be an option to keep everything the way it is now and turn off tailored trends if you don’t like change or are happy with the way things are now. This is big because it will allow companies to be seen by people who are actually interested in their products and news.

It will also benefit marketers because they will be able to pick up on big stories and push out their own content on that subject. They will also be able to keep up with all of the trends in their industry. Local businesses can benefit by offering specials to people attending trending events in the area for stopping by their shop.

Expanded Tweets

Along with tailored trends, Twitter is now also allowing Tweeters to view further expanded tweets. This will allow people to see a preview of content that will be seen when clicking on a link, as well as being able to watch a posted video after expanding the tweet.

Facebook Opens the App Center

The App center is a place to find applications that you can use while socially interacting with other Facebook users. It will let you choose apps by type and also see what apps are trending or recommended for you based on your interests.

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