A Look at the Importance of Quality Lead Capture Forms


As a business, you have probably spent a lot of time having a website designed and created to market your product and services. You might direct people back to that website through paid advertisements or through posts made on your numerous social media accounts. Perhaps to a beautiful landing page with the perfect call-to-action.   You feel you have done everything right, but you noticed that you don’t seem to be… [Read More]

The Big Three of Local Ranking: Relevance, Distance, Prominence

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Whenever you do a search for local businesses, Google returns a group of three results known as the local pack or local 3 pack. These results appear at the top of the page above organic results and either above or below paid results depending on the specific search terms. The goal of improving your local SEO is to make sure your… [Read More]

What is Google Hummingbird and How Does it Affect me?

In the first major update to their algorithm since 2001, Google recently announced the implementation of the new Hummingbird update. In the ongoing quest to make their system think like a human, these updates help even further weed out sites with canned, outdated content. While the last Google updates Panda and Penguin only affected about 5% of searches, Hummingbird is expected to impact 20% of all searches—a number that even further illustrates how important it is to know what this means for you.

Why Google+ Is in a Position to Succeed at Business

Google+ was released last summer with full forces, ready to compete with Facebook. Despite having more than 100 million users, Google+ has failed to slow Facebook’s growth. But don’t dismiss Google+ just yet. The network is becoming the social networking tool of choice for savvy business owners and office workers. A recent Forrester study reported… [Read More]

Google’s New Algorithm Will Punish Overly Optimized Sites

Search engine giant Google announced that they will be rolling out a new algorithm designed to reward those with relevant content written with the reader in mind and in turn penalize those that write just for the search engines to find their site. This is another step in the direction Google is trying to take… [Read More]