Time to Spice Up your Email Marketing Campaign

Are you one of the many individuals who has become lost in the hype of email marketing? It all sounds great at first but the excitement is quickly lost when it comes down to getting inspired to develop the content of the email, especially after the hundredth email. Emails can easily fall flat and lose the appeal they once had for both you and your subscribers. Email marketing campaigns can be extremely powerful – if done right.

Here are some tips and tricks to bring life back to your emails with a little creativity:


Ask Your Subscribers What They Want?

Instead of guessing what your subscribers want, flat-out ask them. Survey your customers to see what they like, what they want more or less of, and what would make them visit your website more. Customers will appreciate the consideration of their opinion and their responses will help you to create a new email campaign that you may never have thought of yourself.

This information can be collected through an email survey or through a customized landing page or lead capture form. Ask what their topic preference for articles is, what types of deals they would like to see, or what additional products and services they would like to see offered by your company.

Secret Codes

Everyone enjoys the thrill of a good scratch off ticket now and then. Why not offer this thrill to your email recipients. Segment your database of subscribers into groups and email each group a “Secret Code” or “Hidden Discount” that requires them to click on your email to see what they have won. Your recipients should not know what they won until they are on your website.


Solve a Problem

The best way to get your emails read by subscribers is to provide value. To provide value, think about what it is your customers struggle with. Provide a solution as well as tips and tricks to remedy their concerns.

Nothing shows you care like a triggered quick response. The ultimate goal should be to have the customer receive an email from you before they have even left the website. With this tactic, not only are you showing the customer that you care, but the convenience of receiving real-time information based on your interest is unbeatable.

Royal Treatment

Everyone enjoys some good VIP treatment. Praise your most valuable customers by making them feel like they are your one and only customer.  Send your “selected” subscribers separate emails or provide them with a unique title like “VIP” or “Elite Member.” Entice your VIP subscribers to share content and let them invite their friends and family to be one of the few members of this elite group.

Now its time for you to spice up that bland email marketing campaign and put some of these tactics to use.

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