Twitter Launches Brand Pages for Marketers

Last week Twitter announced the launch of their new brand pages in an effort to compete with Facebook and Google’s platforms for business pages. Until now, Twitter’s existing brand pages have been under the radar.

Twitters brand pages are free and customizable. Advertisers can create their own header to be displayed on top of the brand page more prominently featuring a logo or a tagline. The customizable header will help to distinguish brand pages from personal pages. Brands also have the ability to select a specific tweet to be prominently displayed at the top of their timeline at all times. This feature allows brands to draw attention to the best content, highlight particular campaigns, and promote offers your brand is running that you would like to attract more attention for. The proTwitter-Brand-Pagemoted tweet is also capable of auto-expanding to let visitors instantly watch a video or see a photo without any additional clicks. With Twitter’s brand pages marketers can also separate out a brand’s @ replies and mentions. This allows brands to keep the relevant content they posted from getting diluted and streamline their responses.

Twitter has launched its brand pages only to a select group of brands that were already avid tweeters which includes: American Express, Best Buy, General Electric, Intel, Nike, Verizon Wireless and more.

Brand pages will allow marketers a platform to make their content stand out better on Twitter. Now the only question is when can we expect to see brand pages open up to all businesses and how will users respond?

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