Website’s Using Google’s +1 Button Generate 3.5x More Google+ Visits

Google+ is one of the newest social networking platforms to hit the Internet and its standing strong against the big boys in the market. Google+ is growing faster than Twitter and Facebook each did in the same timeframe. HubSpot recently conducted a study, comparing referral traffic from websites that have a Google’s +1 button installed to websites that do not. According to HubSpot’s results, “websites that use Google’s +1 button generated 3.5 times more traffic from Google+ than websites that do not have the button installed.”

The value of social sharing buttons should not be overlooked. Social sharing buttons allow your content to quickly be shared on the most visited social media platforms with just a click of a button. You can not expect your website’s visitors to share your content without having some type of a call to action. Social sharing buttons act as a call to action for your website’s visitors, reminding each individual to share your message with their online connections.

If you do not have a Google +1 button on your website, waste no time, its time to start getting connected. You can generate a +1 button for your website today by going to Have you seen an increase in traffic to your website since adding Google’s +1 button?

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