12 Examples of Great Facebook Cover Photos

Hopefully by now you have had a chance to adjust to the new timeline layout and weren’t caught off guard by the switch. Many brands have really embraced this change and taken their branding to the next level by creating an amazing cover photo.

If you haven’t had a chance to add a cover photo or just put a place holder in for now so your page wouldn’t look bare, we’ve come up with some examples for you to follow that can really help you make an impression on your fans. Whether it is a graphic that is completely unrelated to your brand that is just to get peoples attention, or one that lists the products offered by your company, having a personalized cover photo will really help your page look more professional.

1. Keller Williams

keller williams Keller Williams had really focused on what their company really stands for. They are a company that lets their employees feel like they are a partner in their business, not just another number. They have several tools available to help their agents be successful, but also give them the freedom to use those tools in the way that best suits them. The motto in this cover photo along with the photos of the agents really helps to push this motto.

2. Trusted Choice

Trusted Choice

Trusted choice is another company that lets it’s agents operate on a more independent basis. They provide access to a network of insurance agents who are expected to uphold to the highest level of customer service. The company decided to brand more for their customers in their cover photo by showcasing their services offered. There are images that hint towards the types of insurance available, as well as photos of women and children. This helps people see that they can trust their families to be protected and provide a feeling of comfort to consumers.

3. McDonald’s


McDonald’s chose to bring up a feeling of nostalgia for their cover photo, taking their fans back to a simpler time. The older cars showcases just how long the company has been providing excellent service to customers and let’s us travel back to our first experiences with the brand.

4. Go Daddy

Go Daddy

Go Daddy didn’t go out of its way to put in any fancy graphics to impress consumers; they went will the tried and true approach of keeping it simple. They selected a bright color that matches their website as well as calls attention to the photo. They opted to have a simple list of what they have to offer and what makes them the best instead of using gimmicky images.

5. Chase Freedom


Chase decided to lay their services out in plain sight and let consumers know what they will get in exchange for using their Chase Freedom credit card—cash back! Showing viewers what’s in it for them if they use your product is a great way to promote your brand and get them to sign up for your services.

6. Geico


Geico used their most recognized branding image in their cover photo, the Gecko that is used in their commercials. If you already have a recognized branding signal established, tying it into your cover photo is an excellent way to tie in all of the marketing efforts you have in place without having to rack your brain for new ideas.

7. Old Spice

old spice

What do a tiger and volcano have to do with body spray? Absolutely nothing! This didn’t stop Old Spice from putting both in their cover photo. Using an image that really stands out and makes you think “what in the world?” will really help your page to catch on. I’m sure there are several Facebook users who have shared this page with their friends or told them to check it out.

8. Remax


Remax chose to use their slogan to really push what their company stands for. They also used pictures that helped back up this attitude. From newlywed couples to couples that are pregnant and need of a bigger house, Remax really reached out to these demographics in their cover photo. They also took advantage of their profile photo to let people know that they are rated #1 among real estate companies with a simple image.

9. Pizza Hut Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut used the power of their product in their cover photo. A huge picture of a peperoni pizza lets consumers know what they offer at their stores, as well as make them crave the pizza. They also remind you that they provide excellent customer service by featuring one of their happy employees.

10. iStockphoto


If you provide stock photos for your clients, your Facebook cover photo better be up to par with the quality of the photos you offer on your website, and iStockphoto’s cover definitely is. They chose to feature one of their own photos that are available to their clients for purchase. To get around the not being able to put in a call to action, they included a link to purchase the photo in the caption section of the cover photo so visitors can access the site after clicking on the cover photo. Pure genius!

11. Mountain Dew mountain dew

Mountain Dew did a great job in showcasing the type of person who uses their product. They are active, they are daring, and they have fun. Using this type of branding really helps push others to want to be a part of this lifestyle, and makes people want to make sure they are associated with it.

12. 220 Marketing

220 Marketing

Of course we had to showcase the hard work that we have put into our cover photo; it would be shameful if we are not practicing what we preach. Our cover photo showcases all of the services we offer for our clients and shows that we do more than provide people with websites, we help them build their business.

Still stumped on how to incorporate your brand or mission statement into your cover photo? We have designers and marketers on hand to take your ideas and make them into a professional design. Ask us how we can help you take your Facebook Fanpage to the next level!

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