5 Landing Page Musts for More Conversions

Capture3-300x204Landing pages are a must when it comes to targeted marketing. Whether you are running paid ads to drive traffic to your website or sending out an email campaign with a special offer, you want to ensure your landing page is optimized for conversions.

Whether you are just starting out in the marketing world, or have been running successful campaigns for years, you want to make sure you have these five areas covered.


One of the most important components of any landing page is making sure that your branding is present and visible. Whether you are marketing to loyal customers or a fresh set of potential customers, making sure your logo is visible is essential. While you may feel it’s not necessary to have, it is important because it helps people know they are in the right place and sets them at ease. They will not feel bait and switched, and will feel comforted knowing that the logo matches whatever source they clicked from. Another benefit is that it helps promote your branding.

Matching Merchandise

When sending people to a landing page, it is crucial to make sure that they have an easy way to access what they were searching. This means making sure that you have landing pages that match whatever ad send them there. Imagine a client clicks on an ad for a property search in Hollywood, but is taken to a landing page for homes in San Francisco. The visitor will have to try to figure  out how to navigate to Hollywood properties and will most likely leave the page. Making sure that the potential customer can easily find what they were searching for is key to making sure they are able to convert to a lead or customer.

Call to Action

What are your visitors trying to accomplish when they get to your landing page? Making sure your call to action matches this is important. From starting their free quote to making a purchase, make sure you have a powerful message that is easy to see on what they should do next. While the text you use to make the call to action stand out may be something you have to experiment with, it is a must to have one on there.

Brief Form

Even if you are just giving a free white paper to help spread your brand name, it’s important to get something in return. Even if it is just collecting their name and email address, you can use this information to send them customized email campaigns down the road. If you are taking the time to get people to your landing page, it’s a necessity to not give your offer away for free. If they are truly interested in what you are offering, they will be willing to hand over some contact information.

Security Information

With so many concerns about protecting information online, it is more important than ever to reassure your customers that their information will be secure once it is handed over. It’s a no-brainer that you should include security seals, but that’s not the only thing you should display. Testimonials from past clients and badges for any partnerships you may have with other companies can let people know that you are a trustworthy company. Anything you can include to show that your company has a solid reputation will make them more likely to move to the next step.

Landing pages are very important to your business because they help cut down on confusion and help you focus the visitor’s attention on the most important part of your offer. They are a good way to add more content to your website and have a way to track specific campaigns and how successful they were.

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