Just How Important Is Speed to Lead?


What exactly is speed to lead? Speed to lead refers to the amount of time it takes from the moment a potential customer fills out a lead form until they are first contacted. In the digital era where online consumers have endless options and little patience, every second matters when it comes to how fast you respond to leads. You may… [Read More]

5 Landing Page Musts for More Conversions


Landing pages are a must when it comes to targeted marketing. Whether you are running paid ads to drive traffic to your website or sending out an email campaign with a special offer, you want to ensure your landing page is optimized for conversions. Whether you are just starting out in the marketing world, or… [Read More]

The Science of Lead Conversion

Good marketers know that numbers are everything.  Like any scientist, a marketer must test what works and what doesn’t.  Experimenting is a characteristic that separates the good marketers from the bad ones.  However this doesn’t mean that you need a PHD in chemistry to be a successful marketer.  There are several small tests that when… [Read More]