New Tools to Help you be More Successful on LinkedIn

For those already taking advantage of LinkeIn’s Product Tab, you will love the new improvements that are being rolled out. Recently, Business Insider reported that LinkeIn will be releasing two new features for those with company pages: Targeted Updates and Follower Statistics.

The features are currently only available to a few select groups like Samsung Mobile and Dell, but there have been screen shots and product features released to give each of us a taste of what we have to look forward to.

Targeted Updates

Targeted Updates allow admins to send their company updates to targeted users, making sure that only relevant information is being sent to each audience. Companies will be able to narrow their filters by these choices:

  • Company size
  • Industry
  • Job function
  • Seniority
  • Geography
  • Including/excluding company employees


This feature will allow you to control what shows up on a user’s LinkedIn homepage when they log in to make sure they see the most relevant posts while still making all of your content available to them when they visit your company page, even if they weren’t included in the original target group.

After 24 hours, admins will be able to view statistics to let them know how many people were targeted, the impressions that post received, clicks, likes, and the number of times that post was shared. It will also allow you to see the interaction it’s received and the original targeting criteria. The post-metrics will look like this:


Follower Statistics

In addition to being able to target your audience, there will be a new feature released called Follower Statistics that will allow you to see more than just the statistics of your pages.

Follower Statistics will provide information about your follower demographics, engagement levels, recent followers, number of new followers from month to month, total following, and update impressions.

*This image is not an actual page sample, it is sample data released by LinkedIn

*This image is not an actual page sample, it is sample data released by LinkedIn

What Does This Mean for Me?

Targeting your content to a more specific audience can be used to increase your results, no matter what marketing tactic you are using or what site you are on. These new updates provide you not only a better way to direct your LinkedIn strategy, but also a way to analyze your consumers and make the most of your other marketing campaigns.

If this isn’t enough to get you excited about the new changes that are coming, an internal LinkedIn study found the targeted updates help increase audience engagement by about 66%–do we finally have your attention?

LinkedIn marketers should use these new features to make sure that their content is relevant to the people they are feeding it out to. This will also help you in content creation because it allows you get a better feel of who your main demographic is so you can create content directly targeted at them. Additionally, you will be able to track the success of your posts and tweak everything until you have a seamless formula that allows you to get the most out of the content you are posting and help you get better results!

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