Using Video in ads Boosts Brand Engagement and Site Visits

It’s a given that if you include a video in your paid advertisement, a consumer is more likely to click on it. Did you know that they are also more likely to remember your brand and visit your site at a later date?

Recognizing that static banner ads are bringing fewer results as they used to, many marketers have moved towards putting videos or other rich media that has animation as this provides a bigger incentive for someone to click on it. Providing this content also creates more of a lasting brand impression, as the consumer will most likely remember a jingle or any funny line that was in that video when hearing it rather than reading it.

Ad solution provider MediaMind recently completed a study that tracked the responses ads with rich media or video got over standard banner ads. They found that web users in North America were almost three times more likely to end up at a marketer’s website after viewing an ad with rich media than if the company just placed a standard banner ad. In this study, the visit didn’t have to occur immediately; it also increased the likelihood of people visiting at a later date after seeing the ad. While that may seem very impressive, the likelihood of a consumer visiting the site was 5.6 times more likely if the ad included a video compared to consumers exposed to standard banner ads.

post-ad site visit

The study hints that adding rich media and videos works for both an immediate response and a more lasting branding affect. When measuring immediate results, a consumer was nine times more likely to click on an ad with a video the first time they see it.

When analyzing the branding results, they numbers aren’t as spectacular, but still impressive. A user who didn’t visit the site immediately after seeing the ad were twice as likely to visit the site at a later time when seeing rich media or video content rather than a standard banner ad.


What does this mean for the future of marketing? Because the results of the study were so positive, we can expect that the amount of money being spent to provide media rich or video ads will increase by about 54.7% according to eMarketers. They also expect an increase of about 20% in standard banner ads despite these findings, while rich media ad generation will most likely increase by about 4% as people opt to create video ads instead.

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