17 Missed Lead Generation Opportunities

It takes a lot of time and effort to create promotions and the tools that will let customers access those incentives. From meetings to think of new promotions to meeting with your developers to let them know what information you want to collect, a lot of time is put into creating landing pages from start to finish. With so much work being put into the creation of incentives, why would you pass up simple opportunities to drive people to that landing page after it is online and generate more leads?

Promoting your incentive after it is online is just as important as creating an offer people will respond to. Here are 17 opportunities to promote your hard work that you are probably missing out on.

1. On every website page:g

Link to the promotional landing page with call-to-action buttons on every page of your website. Tailor each button with the content on the page and only place relevant promotions for visitors to get the best results. The only place that it is not a good idea to have call-to-action buttons is on the landing page itself as it will distract people and take them away from the form you are trying to get them to fill out.

2. In a website content library:

If you have a few offers going on at the same time (special holiday promotions?) create a page dedicated to all of your offers on your website. This will allow people to browse through and choose an offer that fits them best and exposes them to other offers they may not have been looking for.

3. On your blog:

Post a call-to-action on your blog. Be sure that the offer is relevant to the content of the blog, and let them know what they will be able to get even more information by visiting that link. Adding banners to the sidebar of your blog advertising your best offers will also gain exposure for your promotions.

4. Within other offers:

While it may seem like information overload to provide an offer within another offer, this may help clients make that final step of doing business with you. If you provide other offers within information you have given out to prod them along and keep them moving, this will help encourage them to finally commit to doing business with you.

5. In anchor text:

Don’t limit your promotion to call to action buttons. Add anchor texts that link to your offers to provide as many opportunities possible for them to visit your offer page. This can be done by linking appropriate keywords within your website, blog posts, and eBooks that are relevant to your promotion.

6. Within news releases:

If your company uses press releases to promote your business, follow the same practice you would with anchor texts. This will not only help promote your special offers, but will also help make your release more SEO friendly!news

7. In guest blog posts:

If you use guest blogging to build links to your site on the internet, adding links to your landing pages will not only help you generate inbound links, it will also funnel more traffic to your promotions page.

8. In dedicated email sends:

Because you have already spent so much time building and organizing your database, it will benefit you to use this information to send dedicated emails with your offers. Be sure to make the email match the promotion content, and include plenty of links to your landing page as well as encourage your clients to share the information with those who may find it useful.

9. In lead nurturing campaigns:

Lead nurturing campaigns driven by user behavior draw attention to your offers and prevent potential customers from leaving your site. Have an email auto response that goes out to new users who registered with your site? Include a link to your special promotion to encourage them to take advantage of it. Once again, make sure the promotion matches the information that client was looking for to generate the most response.

10. In your email signature:

This will highly benefit your sales team and is very simple! Have everyone include a text-based call to action with a link to your promotions landing page. This will let prospective clients know about offers you have and will provide additional information that may just give them that little push they needed to sign on.

11. In social media updates:

Offering links to your offer landing pages is a big way that you can utilize social media to generate leads. Provide a description of what the customer/client will get from clicking on that link. Be sure to space out the timing of posting on different sites so people following you on multiple platforms won’t get bombarded with the same offer from more than one place.ff

12.  On social media profiles:

Provide links to your top offers within your social media profiles in the info section and profile images. Be sure to only link to the best offers as this space is limited and precious.

13. In LinkedIn answers:

It is beneficial to make browsing the LinkedIn answers section to look for opportunities to share your expertise. If you have an offer that will help answer the question, let the poster know that you can help them out and include a link to your landing page.

14. On targeted LinkedIn company product tabs:

Adding your promotion on your LinkedIn page’s Products tab will gain exposure to your offer and let people know what services you provide. You can also create targeted Products posts that will change based on specific demographics so you can have a more focused approach. You can add promotions by going to your Products tab while logged in as the administrator on your company page and clicking “Add Product”. You can also modify the settings in this section to create targeted products.

15. On custom Facebook tabs:

Create custom tabs on Facebook that promote your best offers. You can also use custom welcome pages that will help send people to your offers page and help generate leads.

16. In PPC campaigns:

If you are already using PPC, you can customize your campaigns to promote your offers. You can use your PPC ads as a call to action to get people to sign up for your offer.

17. In QR codes:

Generate QR codes that link to your promotions landing page. You can put the QR codes on print marketing material, free giveaways you use at trade shows, or other marketing materials you already have out there. QR codes are a free and easy way to send people directly to your landing pages.

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