Determining a Buyer’s Persona

Determining a buyer’s persona is a crucial element for successful inbound marketing, particularly for sales. It is important to know who you are marketing and selling to. Ask yourself these simple questions about your target audience to determine how to go about your personas. 1. What is their demographic information? To perform more targeted offline… [Read More]

“Thank You” Landing Pages to Improve Lead Reconversion

A simple ‘Thank You’ message can go a long way. Once you receive a new lead that has filled out a form, always send them to a Thank You page that will deliver them the information promised on the landing page. Just like a landing page, there are many distinct strategies to use to optimize… [Read More]

Nurture your Leads and Convert More Customers

Inbound marketing does not stop once a lead is generated. An effective inbound marketing strategy should be implemented to follow and nurture each lead throughout the sales cycle. According to Gleanster Research, only 50% of qualified leads are ready to buy immediately. Marketing strategies geared towards nurturing leads help take someone who is not ready… [Read More]