5 Google+ Tips in Dominating Search Results

Google+ for business can have a positive impact on your business’ SEO efforts in a number of ways. Since Google is adamant about giving out incentives for those that actively use the network, it has incorporated all of its products, especially Google+ to its Google Search features. In many ways, Google+ can help boost organic search results and help generate more traffic from people searching for topics you already rank for.

Because of Google+ and Google Search’s strong connection, businesses should really take advantage of creating and maintain a Google+ business page. The search engine giant has been and will continue to launch integrations between its Search and +, which in fact it would be detrimental not to be an active Google+ page. The following are 5 days in which you can use Google+ to help enhance your SEO:

1. Add the +1 Button to Your Website

The first benefit of Google+ is its regard to +1’s and shares & influence on search rankings. Just like other social networks, the number of +1’s a page receives is a factor in telling how well it will rank in searches for different phrases. This has a direct effect on search rankings. Another feature is that the number of +1’s a page has is displayed on results pages, especially when coming from people who are in your Circles on Google+. This is another way that maintaining an active page on Google+ is directly influential to success elsewhere because your actions on Google+ have an effect on the rest of your profile. Bottom line is, you will directly benefit from utilizing Google+ and integrating it with your website.

Hint: Websites using the +1 button generate 3.5 xs the Google+ visits that sites without the button.

2. Get Google+ Status Updates to Appear in Searches

Google has begun to include specific status updates from Google+ in search results when they were relevant, for both personal and brand pages. The key here is to incorporate the search terms you’re looking to be found for into your status updates.

3. Leverage Google+ Author Tag

Author names, images, and information throughout results pages for editorial content has been one of the more visible changes to Google’s search. This, being an unusually creative move by Google, requires blog authors to include a link in their post back to their Google+ page in order to establish authorship. This not only serves as an inbound link to the author’s Google+ page but also ensures active bloggers sign up for Google+’s services. Ultimately, the appearance of profile information is great for helping your content stand out in search results.

4. Personalized Search

As a previously posted topic, “Search plus Your World” is the most recent feature of Google+. This mixes personal results from your Google+ network with your regular search results. What this means is Google’s search now includes regular results and personal updates from social media. You’ll notice these personal results because they are always placed at the top of the search results. This makes for Google+ to be a great vehicle for discussions and content sharing, more so than any other social network.

5. Get Your Google+ Pages and Profiles Found in Search Results

Another powerful influence for brands that only Google+ offers is placement in the top right-hand corner of search results for people and pages you are closely associated with the brand. If your page is relevant to a particular keyword search, then Google will show your page in results for those searches. Additionally, if you incorporate your Google+ personal profile to your brand’s domain, Google can show your personal profile in response to those looking to learn more about your brand.

A tip to make sure that your profile is eligible to show up in the top right-hand box for branded searches, make sure you’ve added your work email, occupation, and position to your profile. If you’re not regularly posting about your brand or active on Google+, Google is less likely to show you in the results. Additionally, it is a good idea to encourage your employees to include your business’ information and content their Google+ profiles to gain more exposure in search results.

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