Google+ and Google Places Have Merged!

When Google launched Google+ and Google+ business pages, everyone felt it was inevitable that all things Google would eventually be merging eventually and now we can see our predictions were right. Last week, Google announced that they had converted all Google Places pages into a Google+ Local page; this change affects about 80 million Place… [Read More]

Why Google+ Is in a Position to Succeed at Business

Google+ was released last summer with full forces, ready to compete with Facebook. Despite having more than 100 million users, Google+ has failed to slow Facebook’s growth. But don’t dismiss Google+ just yet. The network is becoming the social networking tool of choice for savvy business owners and office workers. A recent Forrester study reported… [Read More]

Google+ Brand Pages Beginning to Show Up in Search Results

Google is now embedding their popular new product Google+ with their already dominant SEM position. They are now integrating Google+ brand page information in the primary search results. BrightEdge has been tracking Google+ brand pages since they were launched on November 7th. However, the integration was not noted until December 20th when identified in the… [Read More]