Facebook Finally Allows Scheduled Posts!

Want to promote the open house you are having on Saturday through a Facebook update, but you know you will be too busy getting ready to post anything that morning? To keep up with social media management companies like HootSuite, Facebook is now allowing admins of pages to schedule future posts.

When posting an update, you will now see a little clock in the bottom left of the box. When clicked on, it will give you the option to choose where you want that update in your timeline, whether it is a past or future time. If you choose a date in the future, it will automatically post for you at that time. You can schedule posts up to six months in advance and in 10 minute intervals. If you post a past date, it will appear in the correct spot in your timeline.

schedule update

Another update that was launched is the ability to create different access levels for the admins on the page. This will allow you to set what level of access you want to give ranging from just being able to view stats, to the ability to make all changes on the page.

admin roles

Companies will now have the ability to assign different aspects of maintaining Facebook pages throughout the office, and even give restricted access to marketing companies that are monitoring interaction with the page. This will make it easier for everyone to keep track of what is happening and ensure that the page is being taken care of without overwhelming one or two people with all of the work.

Have you used any of the new tools yet? If you have any feedback on your experience (good or bad) please let us know in the comments!

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