Quick and Easy Guide to New Social Network, Pinterest

Most people have recently heard about the new social media Pinterest quite frequently over that past few months. Many are also wondering what it is, and how it works. Here is a little insight on the new social media tool and how to use successfully.

Pinterest is a way to organize and share images that people find inspiring, interesting, or important. Once these images are shared, they become known as Pins. These Pins you can place on a customized Board that a person can create for any topic desired. The catch is, that if you want to give Pinterest you have to be invited to do so, similar to Google + when they launched their product.


Why would a person want to use Pinterest? Typically you have to have a specific purpose for it to make sense to use. For example, a striving artist wanting to showcase their portfolio to potential Art Schools, or a bride to be taking her “Bride Planner” to a virtual version. Parents might want to keep an organized list of Christmas gifts their children asked for, or a cook might want to keep an online recipe box. Whatever the case might be, there is more of a purpose behind sharing images online that just for the sole purpose of posting them.

How to Pin? Easy. You simply use the Pin It Button with the drag and drop browser option. When you find an image you enjoy, just click the button and select the photo. Assign the Pin to the Board and add any accompanying text. For iPhone users, uploading and sharing photos is even easier using the mobile app. Take pics on the go and use the app to Pin to the Boards or RePin from other users.


The social angle to Pinterest is simply that Pinning is more fun when you do it together. You can find other Pinners by filtering through Boards using the drop-down menu. When you see a good Pin, leave a comment, like it, or RePin it to one of your own Boards. You can also share Pins on Facebook, or tweet them on Twitter to help expand your network.

Most Pins are photos, but you can pin videos, too. Hit the Videos button at the top of the page to see everything from movie trailers to sewing tutorials to the latest viral videos.

Included is also a Gifts menu, you can Pin with prices associated with ideas and to find something within your budget.

pin3Small business owners can use Pinterest as a way to promote their business. However, just like most social media, it is frowned upon to span your Boards with nothing but your own products or projects. Simple fix: contribute more to the community other than just your own products or projects to remain it its good graces. Connect with other Pinners and spread the word about yourself and your business. It can most certainly be useful, just be careful you use it creatively.

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