An Overview of Facebook Advertising


Written by Kyle O. There’s no denying the power that social media has not only to connect people across the world, but also to connect them with products and services they want and need. Two billion people use Facebook each month, sharing their interests and goals, among other information, which allows for highly targeted ad campaigns. Our blog… [Read More]

Branding for Dummies


Written by Kyle O. There’s a reason that lots of companies hire agencies to develop a brand identity. Branding goes beyond your company’s logo, slogan, and style – it creates the feeling that people have about your brand. Creating a successful brand requires finesse and a targeted plan. This week’s blog is an introduction to branding… [Read More]

AdWords Search and Display Networks


Written by Kyle O. Google AdWords is a paid advertising system that allows businesses to pay to be found when users search on for a certain type of product, service, or related keyword. Google AdWords is divided into two types of networks: Search and Display. In this week’s digital marketing blog, learn about Google AdWords Search… [Read More]

Boost Your Online Presence with Analytics


Brought to you by Kyle O. In our last blog, we introduced you to Google Analytics, a free service from Google that allows you to measure who visits your website and how they interact with it. Once you have a basic understanding of Google Analytics, the next step is to use the data you receive from it, to identify… [Read More]

How to Cut Down on Back-to-School Stress and Spending


How to Cut Down on Back-to-School Stress and Spending Brought to you by NewsUSA It’s an odd time of year. While there seems to still be plenty of summer left, glossy back-to-school fliers are filling mailboxes and inboxes. It’s enough to give even the most easygoing parent a raging headache. Before you grab the aspirin like… [Read More]