Critical Checklist for Integrated Marketing

Having a successful inbound marketing strategy requires having many different avenues out there to get peoples information. From Blogging to social media and email campaigns, there is so much to keep track of that most people don’t have a cohesive plan that fits all aspects together into one place. Because there is so much going on, it would be beneficial to your overall marketing strategy to integrate all of your campaigns into one place.
Publicizing the same campaign through several different channels will not only give you exposure to more potential clients, it will provide a way for you to give a boost to the powerful promotion you already have going. Here are 8 tips to give your marketing campaigns the enhancement it needs while integrating tactics you are already using

1. Email and Social Media

Because most lead generation campaigns collect email addresses, email campaigns are one of the strongest tools available to any person running a marketing campaign. With new developments, it is now

possible to build upon the already powerful database with email addresses, and reach even more potential clients than those on your list. This can be done through Social Media.

Adding Social Media share icons to the emails that you are already sending out will help promote the work you are doing on your social media sites with minimal effort. Adding icons for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc to your email footer will provide a way for people to join your networks with the click of the button. Additionally, it’s crucial to make sure you are advertising all of your social media sites on anything that contains your business name. Add a “join our community” bar on your website or other social media sites.

2. Email and Blogging/Social Media/PPC

Social Media

All of the time that you spent writing that amazing new eBook will go to waste if no one reads it. Posting an excerpt from the book with a call to action to download the full book on the same day you are

Creating a dedicated PPC campaign promoting your new product or offer will help drive traffic and increase the number of people who respond to your offer. emailing the book will make sure the eBook is shared. Including links to download the book on your social media sites will also make your information more accessible.

e-mail_icon3. Email…and Other Email
Many people combine all of their email efforts into one category even though the objective is very different. Some people you are in contact with are on weekly or monthly schedules to receive the same email as several others, while some people receive targeted emails from you about specific information you know is relevant to them. Most of the time, several different people may be managing each of these campaigns which means there is no common thread and your email tactics may be a big mess.

Integrating your email efforts will result in a well-oiled machine. Creating a master email campaign tracker will ease the headache you may face when trying to combine everything. If multiple people are sending out emails, you can share this spreadsheet as a Google document to make sure everyone is on the same page and schedule. This will help ensure the same clients aren’t getting bombarded with multiple emails in a short period of time.

Taking this a step further, you can separate your databases based on demographics and behaviors so that you can send the most relevant emails to each client.

4. Social Media and Blogging

Social Media and Blogging are a match made in heaven. Social media icons are a great way to share the information you are putting on your blog with others in your social media family. Blog posts also make it easier to post unique content on your social media sites every day as you can post a preview of your blog, and link users to go check out the full

Adding “share” or “+1” codes on each blog post will make it easier for your readers to share your information. It’s also worth looking into automated applications that will automatically post your blog posts to your social media sites.

5. SEO and Blogging

Blogging is a great way to fuel your Search Engine Optimization results, but just blogging isn’t going to cut it.

Matching your blogging content to the keywords your website is ranking high for will help push you up even further. If you are trying to gain rank with a certain term, make sure your blog content reflects the terms you are trying to improve upon. For example, if you are a real estate agent and all of your SEO focus on your site is going towards “first-time homebuyers” you should have phrases in your blog that target this as well. Offering a series of tips for first-time homebuyers with a new blog to cover each bullet point will help you accomplish this.

6. Online and Offline Events and Social Media

Using social media during live online and offline events can make any meeting more enjoyable. If you are hosting an online webinar or in office conference, integrating social media into the meeting can create buzz before and after your meeting.

If you create a hashtag for your event, you can have people send in questions or feedback via Twitter while your conference is in progress. Make sure people know about the hashtag so they can participate in the meeting and during a post-event meeting.

7. Mobile and Everything

People rely on their phone so much right now, every business needs to adapt to this in order to be successful. Making sure your site is mobile friendly is one very important marketing aspect so that you can ensure your site is accessible to everyone who wants to see it.

If your website is already mobile friendly, it is really easy to take your mobile marketing to the next level. Creating QR codes that go to a dedicated landing page for your campaign is a great idea. You can put these codes on flyers or other marketing pieces to send people to a place where they can access your promotion. You can also offer incentives through Foursquare and Facebook for clients who check in at your place of business.

8. Analytics and Everything

google_analytics_v2_dashboardAnalytics isn’t its own stand-alone campaign that you have to put out there, but it is a very important aspect of your marketing campaign. Analytics should be integrated into every marketing avenue you have going because it can give you a good read on what sites are giving you the most traffic. This information can tell you how certain campaigns are doing and how each campaign is helping each other.

When integrating a tracking device, you should find a product that tracts all aspects and gives you a clear idea of what is driving traffic to your site and providing your customers. It’s very important to regularly track the information and pay attention to what is providing you the best results so that you can focus your energy on the most successful campaigns.

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